How to change the steering tips

You will need
  • - puller for steering gear,
  • - a key on 19 mm,
  • - Passatizhi.
The cars of the �classic line� of the Volga Automobile Plant are equipped with a steering gear consisting of three elements with six hinges. The occurrence of backlash in one tip provokes the formation of unacceptable gaps in the other five in a short period of time. This feature of outdated technology requires the owner to constantly monitor the condition of the steering gear.
Preparations for the release in Togliatti of cars with front-wheel drive set the task for designers to develop a new steering mechanism. As a result of the introduction of innovative solutions in the production of new cars began to be equipped with two rods with one tip on each. If there is a backlash in one of them, the wheel is removed from the machine and the side to be repaired is mounted on a rigid support.
At the beginning of work, the pin (if any) is removed from the attachment of the steering pin to the trunnion. The metal is cleaned from deposits by the threaded joints of the hinge, which are then treated with WD-40 liquid.
With a 27 mm wrench, the locknut of the tip attachment in the cradle is released. Next, you need to bring the hinge out of the articulation with the stub axle. To this end:
- the nut of fastening of the steering pin is unscrewed with a 19 mm wrench,
- a puller is installed at the junction of the hinge with the stand,
- the screw of the device finger is squeezed out from the pivot pin seat.
Now we put on a finger any suitable cap key and start to unscrew the hinge from the tie rod, considering the number of turns made, which is equivalent to the number of turns of the tip thread.
Further actions are performed in reverse order. After replacing the steering tips, be sure to check the geometry of the front wheels.

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