How to change the antifreeze on the VAZ 2110

You will need
  • - set of wrenches
  • - protective gloves
  • - clean rags
  • - tank for draining the liquid
  • - antifreeze
The cooling system of the VAZ-2110 will ensure uninterrupted operation only if it is properly maintained and preventive procedures are in place, such as the timely replacement of antifreeze. It is important to remember that when self-replacing coolant, the engine must always be cooled down. It is recommended to carry out work with the battery terminals removed and in protective gloves, since Tosol is a toxic substance.
The best location of the car - over the viewing pit or on a technical overpass. If this is not possible, then the machine should be placed on any flat surface. In the case of a car positioning under a slope, it is important to ensure that its front end is slightly higher than the rear end. Before starting work on self-replacement of antifreeze, you need to move the handle control salon stove to the extreme right position and take care of the preparation of a special container to drain the waste fluid.
In order to provide access to the drain plug of the cylinder block of the VAZ-2110, you must first remove the ignition module module with the bracket. Having placed the tank under the engine for draining the waste liquid, you can proceed to the following steps: the plug of the expansion tank is removed, after which the antifreeze plug is unscrewed from the engine block.
After all the waste fluid from the engine is drained, it is necessary to wipe the plug, cylinder block and drain holes with a clean cloth. Then it is necessary to drain the antifreeze from the radiator - the capacity for draining is inserted under the radiator, the stopper is unscrewed, the drain hole is wiped from the splash of coolant. All actions on the drain must be slow and neat, otherwise there is a possibility of strong splashing of the car generator with drained antifreeze. In order to prevent air plugs from appearing in the cooling system, which prevent the antifreeze from filling the entire system, it is important to do the following: in injection VAZ-2110 cars, loosen the clamp and disconnect the coolant supply hose at the point of its attachment with the heating fittingthrottle; in the carburetor cars VAZ-2110 hose is removed at the attachment point with a carburetor preheater nipple.
After that, all the plugs are tightly twisted, and the cooling system is filled with a new antifreeze: the liquid is poured to the level recommended by the manufacturer. Having tightened the cap of the expansion tank and returning to the place the coolant supply hose and the ignition module with battery terminals, it is necessary to warm up the engine to its operating temperature - until the fan turns on. If there were air plugs in the system, then the antifreeze level may drop. In this case, the engine must be turned off, and the coolant topped up in the required amount.
If on the device showing the coolant temperature, the arrow has shifted to the red zone, but the fan did not turn on, then the air coming from the salon stove can diagnose the probable cause of this problem: if the air goes hot, then the fan itself does not fail; if the air is cold, then a large air block could form in the system. Cool the engine to remove the plug.very carefully unscrew the cap of the expansion tank, again disconnect the antifreeze supply hose and add liquid to the tank to the desired level.

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