How to celebrate the new year with your beloved

New Year 2013 together

Meet the New Year 2013 together abroad, in a cottage, in bed and not only.

With your loved one always want to be. If you can not always, then at least as often as possible, to see him. Naturally, there is a desire to spend all the best moments in life with loved ones, including holidays. And in a noisy company, it is unlikely that a couple in love will be able to relax.


At the same time, there are plenty of options for how to meet the New Year 2013 together. You can meet him traditionally at home at the table, talk and watch how the garland on the tree shimmers with flowers. And you can make this New Year unusual, place the candles, turn out the lights, turn off the TV so that it does not interfere and stretch the night with calm communication. We will offer you the best options for how to meet the New Year together, a wide range of the following options.


Night together, which will be remembered for a lifetime.



Prepare yourself a beautiful outfit that your half will like.Do not forget to set the table. Do not overdo it here. To fill your stomach for a romantic dinner is useless. After that, there will be no strength for anything else. It will only be prone to sleep. So make some light, simple dishes. The best option is fruits and salads. And it does not have to be a salad. This is something less familiar - a salad of crab sticks with pineapple.


Dress up in something attractive. Of course, a tie and a tuxedo on you will be out of place, but just something beautiful will set you up in a good mood.


Turned on the TV should be kept no more than ten minutes after 12 hours. Otherwise, it will distract you further. The light can also be turned off, leaving only lit candles in the candlesticks. Well, in advance, prepare the music for which you can chat or dance. What to do next will be clear in the course of events.


If you do not like relaxing music and romance, and you and your loved one are more attracted to watching an action movie or a horror movie sitting on the floor in front of the TV, then nothing prevents you from doing it on New Year's Eve.


Unusual New Year together.



How to celebrate the New Year together

How to meet the new year together so that it will be remembered for a lifetime? See below for interesting options.


There are still interesting ways to celebrate the New Year together with your beloved / loved one. One of them - basking with your loved one in bed, you can also absorb food, fruit and champagne there. As an option - to learn erotic dance, to give pleasure to your partner or to make your couple a relaxing massage. And also to do both, all together, on one New Year's Eve.


Another option is to take together a bath with foam. This New Year will definitely be remembered for a long time.


The traditional option.



Slightly different you can spend a traditional New Year. For example, you can go to a country house to a cottage or a summer house, a sanatorium, to any cozy place where you can retire and meet the holiday together. The main thing to take with you is a great festive mood. Dress up any Christmas tree that grows nearby, blind a woman or a snowman (as you like), cook a shish kebab on the street. Then go into the house to warm up, turn off the lights, light a fireplace and place candles. And even better after the walk to warm up in the bath. Arrange a light dinner of snacks and sandwiches, sweets and fruits of warm countries (bananas, pineapples, oranges).


Erotic evening alone.



December 31, go to the store for sexy underwear and buy erotic toys. If you have never used them, even better. Make a holiday in the process of diversity.


But the most important thing here is to tune in correctly. In the evening of 31, go to some restaurant or cafe, where quiet music plays. Chat there, order beautiful romantic music and dance together.


Wear all that you bought on this day. Meet the New Year, as expected, after drinking a glass of champagne for the coming year. What to do next, you guess. It would be great if there was ice and cream in the fridge.


In the warm lands celebrate the New Year together.



Meet the new year together abroad photo

To celebrate the new year together abroad - you need desire, money and a passport abroad!


One of the best options to spend the New Year holidays together with your partner is to mark it on a beach in another country. Imagine New Year, you together - the sea, the sun and sand. Although it is not necessary to go to warm countries. You can visit the clean, cozy snow-covered town, which many in Europe. In any case, wherever you go you will get a lot of new impressions from the architecture and culture of a new, unknown country.All that you experience will remain in your memory for a lifetime, your memories of how you celebrated the New Year with your soulmate. All this together will strengthen each other, and you will remember these days as one of the happiest in life.


You can meet the holiday in the mountains or on the shore of a lake or river. For a trip to nature you need to prepare properly. You need to take a folding table with you, seats, dishes, which are obviously not a one-time need, and this is the most difficult thing. It can be packed in foam rubber, and on top in a plastic bag. For barbecue grab with a brazier.


In a secluded place to celebrate the New Year with your loved one.



The most interesting celebration would be, if you have the opportunity, a celebration in a country house with a fireplace. In the romantic atmosphere of light from the fireplace and candles under the pleasant, soothing music, a couple in love can spend the whole night sitting in front of the fireplace, occasionally get up to dance. You can sit in front of the fireplace, for example, on a bear skin.


Well, when a couple gets bored of talking, the house will come in handy with a comfortable comfortable sofa or bed.

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