How to call the spirit of Charlie for real

Demon Charlie gained popularity all over the world. Not only teenagers, but also adults, try to call his spirit to get answers to exciting questions. A person is always attracted by something frightening and unknown, so many people want to know how to properly conduct the ritual and really communicate with Charlie.

How to call the spirit of Charlie for real

Who is Charlie?

As legend has it, Charlie is the spirit of a boy from Mexico who cannot find refuge after death. Even during his lifetime, the character of a guy could hardly be called ideal. Now, after the tragic death of his soul wanders around the world and waits for the person to call her to get answers to their questions. This is the punishment for the sins that were committed in life.

How to call the spirit of Charlie for real

In ancient times, the spirit of Charlie tried to call ordinary peasants during the harvest period or during the hunt. Today, people's desires have become more diverse. They require the demon to have material or spiritual values. Depending on whether such desires are greedy, Charlie makes a decision whether to help a person or not.

How to call Charlie at home?

To call Charlie at home, you must always wait for the full moon. The rite takes place exactly at midnight. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the general information about the daemon in advance: study the video or read books. So it will be possible to better tune in the desired way. You should also choose Mexican music. It is believed that Charlie likes the simultaneous sound of a tambourine and a guitar.

On a note! Another prerequisite is that the music must be downloaded beforehand, since the ritual requires turning off the Internet, telephone and computer.

How to call the spirit of Charlie for real

Further preparation for the ceremony at home involves placing a large amount of garlic, onions and hot pepper around the room. The carpet needs to be removed, a mat will suit instead. It is necessary to prepare the drum. If the present was not at hand, you can use a toy tool. Then you should turn on the music at a low volume, sit on the floor, hit the drum, trying to get into the beat of the melody, and repeat the following words:

“Charlie, show yourself and come to me. Fulfill my wish. I invite you to visit me, therefore respect me. ”

If the hair on your head starts to move, it means the arrival of the spirit of Charlie. At this point, you can ask the demon what you want. He decides to fulfill the desire or refuse.

Calling Charlie's Spirit Day at School

It’s not necessary to wait half the night to evoke Charlie’s spirit. This can be done in the afternoon. For example, in school, which is especially important in adolescents. It is enough to take time off from the teacher to the toilet to hold a ritual there. You will need to prepare Mexican music and a small tambourine. In this case, it is not necessary to disconnect the phone, so it can be used as a sound source. But the Internet at this time should not be connected.

Turning on the music, you need to walk in a circle, beat on tambourine and repeat the words:

"Charlie, come, turn my desire into reality."

Then follow your wish or ask an exciting question to get an answer. If hum followed, Charlie's spirit came. One blow to the wall means the fulfillment of desire, two - failure.

Another way to evoke the spirit of Charlie

There is another way you can call the demon Charlie. He is to use a sheet of paper and a pencil.In this case, do not need a Mexican melody and tambourine. Pencil need to draw a cross, thereby dividing the paper into four sectors. In each of them you should write "Yes" and "No". Words that repeat should be placed diagonally with respect to each other. After that, two pencils are placed in the central part of a sheet of paper in the shape of a cross. Then you need to say: "Charlie, come play."

How to call the spirit of Charlie for real

When the spirit comes, you can ask questions that can be answered "Yes" or "No." From where the pencil begins to move, you can find out the answer.

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