How to call an electrician at home

Hang a new chandelier or repair the outlet - for such work involving increased danger, it is better to call an electrician at home, rather than take the initiative. Especially if you are familiar with such concepts as current and voltage only from a school course in physics.


Contact the management organization that serves your home, and leave a request. Quite possibly, this is a housing office or a private management company, and in some houses - an HOA. In any case, such an organization is in every home. To find out their phone number, look at the receipt that comes to you every month to pay for an apartment.


Once you have left the application, it will be put on the queue, and when one of the electricians is free, wait for him to visit. Remember, this can happen only in a few days, and you will have to wait for them for a few hours.


Please note that all services related to electricity are usually paid, and prices in housing offices are sometimes even higher than the market average. In addition, employees of these organizations are usually not in a hurry, and they can stretch their fiddling works for a whole day.


Find out if your friends have a good electrician in mind, the recommendation will guarantee the quality of his work. Unlike the employee ZhEKA with him you can agree on work in the evening, and he will be interested to do everything as quickly as possible. Find out at what prices it works, it is quite possible that the master will give you a discount for the amount of work.


Try to find such an ad in the newspaper or on the Internet. In this case, you run the risk of finding an unscrupulous and unqualified employee, so try to first get acquainted with the reviews about his work.


If you need a serious repair of electrical wiring, contact the company that will give a guarantee on their work. Leave the application and describe the approximate amount of work, so that you make an estimate. A significant advantage of such a company is that all work will be carried out in a short time, and in case of unforeseen situations, an electrician can be called for free (if specified in the contract).

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