How to calculate the propeller screw

You will need
  • Required: mechanical dynamometer with dial gauge, electronic digital dynamometer, lever scales with a set of weights.
To determine the propeller model propeller using a mechanical dynamometer, fasten it on a flat, smooth surface. Attach a fully assembled and mounted on the chassis model aircraft to the dynamometer. Start the engine of the model and take readings from the dynamometer indicator. Repeat this operation, each time changing the engine speed, achieve the maximum thrust of the screw. This method has a low measurement accuracy, which is limited by the accuracy of the mechanical dynamometer.
For more accurate readings, use an electronic digital dynamometer. Secure it on a flat horizontal surface. Attach the model of the aircraft mounted on the chassis to the sensor of the dynamometer. If this type of model does not have a wheeled chassis (model of a seaplane or the type “flying wing”), it should be securely fastened on a special trolley. The height of the trolley should ensure the smooth rotation of the screw model.Start the engine of the model and, by changing the screw speed, determine the maximum thrust of the screw on the display of the dynamometer.
To determine the thrust of a model helicopter, install a level balance on a flat, horizontal surface. Balance scales with adjusting weights. Weigh the model of the helicopter and remember its weight. Securely attach the model to the frame of the measuring mechanism of the balance, on which the plates lie. Start the engine of the helicopter and, adjusting the engine speed, make the helicopter go up to the maximum. If the plate in which the model is fixed, has reached the upper limiter, add weights to it until it reaches the middle (zero) position. Be careful - the rotating screw of the model can severely hurt! Turn off the engine of the model, remove and count the weight of the weights that lie in the plate with the model. To the amount received add the weight of the helicopter.

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