How to build a frame house

You will need
  • -shovel;
  • - cement pipes;
  • -sand;
  • -concrete;
  • - boards;
  • - antiseptic;
  • -screws;
  • - wooden sheets;
  • -heater;
  • list sheets;
  • -coating for the roof;
  • -Windows and doors;
  • anti-fire fluid;
  • - insulating membranes;
  • -plaster.
Dig holes for the foundation. Their depth should be 1 meter, and a diameter of about 20 centimeters. The distance between the pits make 60-80 centimeters, based on the size of the house. Insert and reinforce asbestos-cement pipes filled with concrete into each pit. Cover them with sand, cover with water and tamp the soil. This foundation is made not only around the perimeter of the house. Pipes must be under all
surface of the structure.
Start creating a frame. Make it from the boards. First reinforce the vertical beams. The distance between them should be about a meter. Install them on the end. If you are planning to build a small house, then horizontal beams can be made rare. 2 boards form a rectangle. Secure 2 beams from one corner of this rectangle to another.
If you are building a larger building, place the horizontal slats at a distance of 0.5 meters from each other.That is, create a similarity of the lattice from the boards. Treat all beams with antiseptic. To attach the boards, use screws.
Fill the framework with wooden, oshkurennye sheets. Install support beams inside the building. Using wooden sheets to make the walls inside the building. Cover the roof with OSB sheets. Fill the outer walls with a layer of insulation. This should be done inside the building. In the role of insulation may be glass wool, mineral wool, foam or sawdust mixed with lime.
Cover the roof with tile, slate or roofing material. Lay the floors inside the house and make them screed. Warm the roof and floor. Insulation use the same as for the walls. Install windows and doors. Preference is better to give plastic, because it is lighter than wood. Treat the entire building with fire extinguishing fluid. For extra protection from moisture throughout the house frame, install insulation membranes.
Spend plumbing and engineering communications. Plaster the walls of the house outside. Wait until they are dry. Plaster them again. Make the interior decoration. The frame house is ready.

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