How to build a Canadian house

Design a house. Do not forget that the Canadian featureat homein its small size and at the same time - functionality. It should take all the spaceat home, and you need to plan it without unnecessary angles and "lanes", which are completely non-functional, but take away a decent part of the meters available to you. Plan the transitions in the frame and the main bearing pillars.
Purchase everything you need to build the frame, make sure that you have all the tools that you may need in future work. If it is not, either change the fasteners, or get everything you need.
How to build a Canadian house
Go to the store and get all the necessary material. Do not forget that the Canadian house allows the use of dual material. That is, the basis of the frame you can make wood, and the corners or other places lay out of brick. This will give the house its uniqueness and increase its heat retention rates. Consult with the seller about what is best to purchase to fulfill your Canadian construction mission.Make sure that the selected material tolerates the Russian winters well, if you intend to live there during the cold season.
Be careful: when assembling each new layer, carefully check how it is fixed, even if one fragment will stand incorrectly, gradually the whole structure under the pressure of the upper superstructures can go and fall.

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