How to budget a balcony

First, free the space. We throw away what has been broken for a long time, what we did not use with 10, we take out things that might still be useful to the garage or to the country. Then we wash the walls, windows, floor and ceiling with plenty of water and detergent, you will be surprised how much dirt and cobwebs will be there.
Now carefully look around. Perhaps your balcony needs repair. If possible, change the windows, paint the walls or clap them, and warm the floor with insulating materials and wooden flooring.
When redecorating is done, you can proceed to the arrangement. A small balcony can accommodate a folding table and a couple of picnic chairs, and a loggia can accommodate more overall furniture and a small locker.
Curtains of spring shades will decorate any balcony, and tulle will give it home comfort.
Hang one small picture on the wall, and lay a carpet on the floor. Make sure that the windows do not leak, otherwise dampness from the wet tissue will spoil the appearance and give off an unpleasant smell.
There is always a place for flowers.Hang pots on the walls, put boxes with surfins or petunias on the perimeter, and your balcony will find a new life.

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