How to break the nose

You will need
  • - sea salt;
  • - drops or sprays on a plant basis;
  • - aloe juice.
Begin to reduce the frequency of instillation of the nose drops, and change the drug is also not superfluous. Of course, breathing will be complicated, but it is simply impossible to solve this problem in another way.
Rinse the nose with a solution of sea salt. Dissolve the teaspoon of non-flavored salt in a glass and pour it into each nostril with a syringe. Nasal flushing can be done quite often, but be guided by your condition. If laidnessappears, then immediately remove it with a solution. Try not to resort to drops at least in the daytime.
If you do not want to direct the solution all the time or you are simply afraid to wash your nose in this way, then buy special products based on sea water at the pharmacy. The method of use is described in the instructions, which are attached to the drug.
Before going to bed, bury several in each nostril.dropsaloe juice It has a healing and antibacterial effect, it also pulls pus from the sinuses well. Of course, the procedure is not entirely pleasant, because aloe juice has a bitter taste, but it is worth suffering. The effect of the procedure will be amazing, very soon you will feel significant relief.
Get special aerosol preparations for irrigation of the nasal passages. They do not contain substances that constrict blood vessels. Usually they contain only components of natural origin. These sprays are used to moisturize the nose and free the sinuses from accumulated mucus.

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