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How to boil clothes photo boil thingsHow to boil underwear at home

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Previously, each family had a boil, this is such a large saucepan, where they boiled the laundry to give it the original whiteness. Now many have already forgotten how to boil underwear at home, because washing machines and powders came to the rescue. But even now it is sometimes necessary to boil clothes, because more and more allergies are becoming, which react negatively to chemistry. Try to boil things in the old, proven way and then your laundry will be clean and safe.


1 way. Boil clothes can be in the washing machine. If you can set the temperature in the range of 90 - 95 degrees, then this method is equal to boiling. Just check things for resistance to such temperatures, before putting them in the machine. This information can be found on the tag of one of the inner sides of the product.


2 way. Following the example of our grandmothers, we prepare a soap-soda solution with respect to 6 liters. on 1 kilogram of linen. 1 liter of the solution is made with the addition of 20 -25 grams of soap and soda, depending on the strength of contamination of linen. Put things in the tank with the prepared solution and put on a slow fire, bringing to a boil.Do not add things after boiling water, it can have the opposite effect and dirt can brew.


How much to boil clothes



Boil things 1,5 -2 hours, sometimes we mix. After two hours turn off the fire and leave to cool until then, when you can get things out of the water. After that, we transfer things to a trough or a suitable large bowl, a bath with a closed spillway will also work. We collect warm water and continue to wash clothes and clothes by hand, we wash the stains that remain. Then rinse in cold water. Lingerie that turned yellow can be a little blue during the last rinse. It is recommended to dry things in the open air, it will give them a pleasant aroma of freshness, which cannot be obtained with the use of even expensive rinses.


Sometimes you need to wash off the spots of fat or fuel oil, for this purpose, ordinary kerosene or silicate glue is added to the solution.


Useful tips on our site will help you in a safe way to clean clothes from contamination, especially those who are allergic to chemicals. Share this information with those who do not know how to boil clothes, cook things at home.

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