How to bloom roses

All kinds of roses went from wild rose. This plant blooms for 40 million years. It was from him were taken flowers for breeding roses. Thanks to the constant selection, new colors are displayed. At the moment, a blue rose was artificially created.
Dog-rose blooms in May -June with beautiful little flowers in countries with a warm climate. And all kinds of roses, being more delicate, bloom in greenhouses and parks in spring and summer. But to create beautiful flowers requires preliminary and painstaking work.
Seedlings are planted in the fall in one of two ways: either in dry soil, followed by watering, or in wet - a bucket of water is poured immediately. Then the stalks are cut, which contributes to the excellent growth of shoots. Flowering occurs only in the second year after planting.
Shoots begin to appear in the spring. They are stalks with spikes on the sides, at the top of which small nubs appear - the buds. On one bush 4 or more shoots are formed. And on one stalk appears several buds.
Gradually, all the bumps unfold, and the first rose petals appear from them. Basically, the disclosure occurs at night.
Over time, the rose more and more leaves the bud and unfolds, forming a very beautiful and complexly twisted flower. To breed elite varieties, all weak buds must be constantly plucked, leaving only one - the most beautiful and strong.
After the withering of the shoots, flowers and buds, they are cut off again, giving the opportunity to form new inflorescences. Depending on the type of roses is carried out different front works. Tea pruned, leaving 4 strong buds, park - slightly shortened.
If necessary, transplantation is selected autumn and spring. All old leaves and buds are cut and shortened, and then carefully transplanted. You can repot it with a fork on both sides, or you can dig up the ground around a bush with a shovel and transfer it to a car. The transplant should go immediately to protect the roots from drying out.

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