How to behave during childbirth?

Initially, to find out how to behave during childbirth, you should consult with your doctor, but there is also a lot of literature on this topic. But the main thing to remember - it is on your mood depends on the process of childbirth.

Each woman, being pregnant, thinks about how the process of the birth of the baby will take place. How to behave during childbirth so that they are safer and easier? Childbirth is a deeply psychological and spiritual process. It is necessary to tune in to the fact that first of all it is difficult for your baby, and you are obliged to help him in the soonest birth.

The first phase

This can be determined by the following signs: to become easier to breathe, urination becomes more frequent, pressure on the rectum increases. After a while, contractions may begin - contraction of the muscular muscles of the uterus. If they begin to increase, and the interval between contractions is less than 10 minutes, then it’s time to go to the maternity hospital.

Many wonder - how to behave before childbirth? Is it possible to eat or drink tea? Should I distract myself with something or vice versa concentrate on my feelings? In most cases, doctors advise not to gorge on childbirth, but otherwise how do you imagine the whole process? With a full belly, it is not so convenient to have a fit, and even with an empty intestine, your baby will be born in more hygienic conditions.

However, a small amount of vegetables or fruits can be afforded. According to research by American scientists, such women even tolerated childbirth, they were not sick in the first phase, unlike hungry women.

Low intensity bouts

First of all, listen to your doctor and try not to scream with all your might. Remember that nobody loves this and it will not make you any easier. So try to relax, you should always remember that the more you strain your muscles and breathe chaotically, the harder and longer the process of childbirth will last.

“Easy to say,” you say. Try to be distracted by the people who have come to support you, by the thought that your baby will see the light soon andthat your main mission is to help him with that. Be sure to keep your breath under control, try to breathe in 1-2-3-4, and exhale on the same account. Throughout the first period of labor, you should breathe deeply, slowly and calmly, it is very important for you and your baby.

The position in the future mother's space can be different - someone prefers to walk, someone to stand, you can lie on your side with your legs slightly bent at the knees. Walking helps to overcome pain, some people can use the shower or listening to music.

The entire first period can last from 4 hours or more. You should not have thought that the birth was delayed. You must be calm, and if the need arises, for example, stimulation of labor, the specialists who are near you will help you. It will also be very useful if the expectant mother prepares in advance how to behave properly during and after childbirth. Thus, you will be able to control the whole process, to be more calm and confident that the doctors are doing everything correctly.

Second phase

How to behave during childbirth during the next period, you will be prompted by a doctor and obstetrician.You will immediately feel a burning desire to push and push something out of yourself. At this time, the head of the child begins to move into the birth canal. A few weeks before giving birth, you and your obstetrician-gynecologist will need to prepare your unborn baby to turn the head forward.

This is achieved through special methods by which the baby unfolds itself, or by applying the method of acupuncture effects. In this phase, you need to change the tactics of breathing: four lungs inhale and one sharp exhalation through the mouth. At the end of the fight, you should try to relax as much as possible and have time to gain strength for the next wave.

When contractions intensify even more, they develop into attempts. Up to this point, the cervix is ​​fully opened, the fetal bladder bursts, and the waters drain. At this time, you must try to breathe superficially, through the mouth, one at a time to inhale and exhale. This period is the most difficult and difficult, but it lasts only 5-10 minutes.

Third phase

This period is the most critical and stressful, the so-called “exile” period. At this point, you should concentrate all your strength and attention on helping the child to be born, you will need a lot of effort.Do not forget to breathe! Exactly and calmly, by this you will only help yourself and the child. With each attempt, the head of the baby is better visible, followed by one shoulder, then another, one more effort - hurray! You hear the cry of victory! You kid saw the light happy and healthy.

Long-awaited final

This period is no longer painful, lasts for half an hour - you wait until the remains of the umbilical cord, placenta and membranes leave you. This ends it.

After the birth, you will no longer think how to behave. You will be the happiest person in the world. And yet, it is worth recalling that it is quite important not to forget to go to the toilet quite often. It may be that the desire will go to the toilet in a small way, but you can not, in this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will surely cure you of this affliction. From the shower on the first day after childbirth is better to abstain. It is better to sleep after childbirth on the abdomen, and indeed any free time to try to spend in this very position - this is how the uterus contracts.

After giving birth, you need to take care of the correctness of your diet, because everything that you eat is also eaten by your child.Beets, apples (green, not red), dried fruits, carrots will be useful during such a period. These products will help your digestion and restore your body after childbirth. But you can not overeat and destroy all the pounds! This can adversely affect the health of your baby.

In no case can not eat allergens (preservatives), broth from cubes, that is, all the semi-finished products and juices, powders.

Summing up, I would like to say that you need to overcome your fear. After all, childbirth without fear is half the success, and any pain can be endured. To do this, you must attend special trainings for expectant mothers and fathers. Also a good way to ensure the safety of yourself and your baby is to give birth in a paid clinic. In it, you can count on decent comfort and easy delivery process. Tune in to a good wave and see you soon with your future baby.

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