How to become more savvy?

Quickly orient in a problem situation, make a decision, in time to “throw in” an interesting idea, to effectively learn new information - every person would like to have such opportunities. After all, ingenuity is always highly appreciated. But if you think that its level is insufficient, do not worry, there are ways to improve and develop this quality. About them and tell you more.

Make the brain work efficiently

In the process of psychological research, it turned out that people are savvy by nature. And this quality can be both developed and partially lost. Here, as they say, everything is in your hands.

If you doubt your abilities, you can always check them with the help of special psychological tests that show the degree of intellectual development and creative thinking.

Do not you reach the desired level? Then listen to our advice on how to help your brain work at 100%. And the first thing we would like to talk about is mental tricks.

  1. Looking ahead.Surely you have heard the advice many times in your life that you should not run ahead, let everything go on as usual. If you, for example, need to make a decision as soon as possible, forget about this rule. Imagine that you have already accepted it, feel the received emotions, mentally “see” the consequences. And then return to reality and give the answer.
  2. If you would advise. Before you a difficult situation or task that you need to solve or perform. How in the conditions of a stress situation not to do something stupid? Imagine that this situation arose from a person you know, and he asks for advice on how to proceed. Reflect rationally and with full seriousness, look at the problem from the outside, and then it will be easier and faster to solve your own problem.
  3. The best and worst outcome. Whatever you need to do, immediately imagine the best and worst case scenario. This will help to think rationally and find an intermediate option - the "golden mean".

These tricks are suitable for emergency situations where time is limited and you are required to produce a result. Acumen training will require more time, but they will be able to bring a decent result.

What should they consist of?

  1. Full nutrition. The brain requires adequate nutrition, because it requires a lot of energy. The optimal formula for nutrition is a sufficient number of proteins + a small amount of fat + the necessary vitamins (A, B, C, E). To work at full strength and energy, and the brain generated creative and important ideas, it's important to start the day with a good breakfast. It is he who will help start the productive work of the internal organ.
  2. Normal sleep Some 2 hours of lack of sleep guaranteed to reduce the level of mental productivity by 15-20%. Therefore, before deciding to watch a movie for the night, sacrificing your own rest, think carefully whether it is worth it. To girls such night vigils threaten also fast occurrence of folds.
  1. Clear schedule. In conditions of hard work, the lack of a daily routine threatens with health problems and the generation of inadequate solutions. The rush resulting from unrestricted time for work and rest, not the best way affects the productivity of the brain. But you want to be better.
  2. Games. Have a free minute? Spend it with benefit.For the development of ingenuity, you can use various logic games, puzzles, puzzles, crosswords, memory simulators.

A high level of IQ does not yet guarantee the effective functioning of the brain in unusual situations. Therefore you should not be lazy to work on yourself and your natural inclinations. After all, as you know, there is no limit to perfection.

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