How to become informal

You will need
  • Music audio recordings
  • Special clothes
  • Unusual hairstyle
  • New accessories
Decide on a subculture that suits you. Today, informals are goths, punks, hippies, hipsters, rappers, metallers, and folk metallers. In order to become an informal one, first of all, you need to decide for yourself what kind of informal you want to be. To do this, study the culture, habits, customs and lifestyle of each subculture, until you choose the one of them, the philosophy of which most closely coincides with your life views.
Connect your decision with the music you are listening to. As a rule, youth subcultures are closely connected with art and, more often, with music. For example, punks listen to punk rock, goths listen to gothic, metallers listen to metal and so on. Against the background of typical and “formal” music, informal movements imply a commitment to rock music, which has always been a kind of protest. That is why the differences in the genre features of rock music have created a division of youth into certain subcultures. Choosing one of them, make a start, first of all, from personal musical preferences.
Change the style. If you have decided on music and, accordingly, on the informal flow to which you want to belong, it's time to explore the features of the appearance of the representatives of the selected subculture. For example, black clothes, leather, latex, spikes, gloves, long raincoats are typical for the ready. They dye their hair black, apply black lacquer on their nails. Black color - the main feature of the Gothic. Punks love bright things - a tartan, black and white stripes, stripes. Punk hairstyle - Mohawk, often painted in bright colors - green, red, orange. Hippies love spacious colored shirts, wide pants, jeans, long skirts. They wear long hair - both women and men, braid their braids, wear baubles woven from beads or macrame on their hands. Hipsters are semi-austere followers. Large rectangular or square glasses in thick frames, scarves, shirts, black jeans or pants, and sneakers on the legs. Whatever subculture you choose, it is the appearance that will allow you to say “most loudly” that you are an informal person.
Attend themed events.Since the informals are representatives of various youth associations, from time to time there are events at which this or that subculture meets. These can be rock concerts, exhibitions, festivals, etc. Visiting them, you will dynamically join the chosen culture, find like-minded people, and also be able to better learn the subtleties of informal life.

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