How to become disciplined right now


Internal directives

Internal directives - a kind of compass, which tells you in which direction to move in life. They define your values ​​and principles, make you a whole person.

From everywhere outside you will try to impose false values ​​and morality, and just internal directives will not allow you to stray from the course, to deviate from your ideal. Formulate them clearly right now and always carry this list with you.

Balanced diet

Food is a fuel for our body, and it does not need to create a shortage or surplus of this very fuel, much less to feed yourself with low-quality fuel like fast food or snacks for quick snacks. Eat only healthy foods, give up alcohol, sweet, flour. This will allow you to visit hospitals only as preventive institutions.

Honing skills

If you find a business to your liking, do it regularly, even little by little. No one reached impressive heights in one day, it is a long and painstaking work. But after a while, you will bring the skill to automatism, and everyone around you will be very impressed how you do it.

Eliminate negative people from your environment

Negative people inhibit you. Surround yourself with positive-minded people who are always ready to come to the rescue. They will inspire and encourage you. With them you will not want to constantly postpone something for later, and you will become more disciplined.

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