How to avoid quarrels with her husband

First of all, understand that marriage is the art of compromise. In no case should one stubbornly insist on one’s own, let alone resort to such “female weapons” as tears, scandals, hysterics. The best way to piss off your husband simply does not exist! Somewhere you need to give up. If you think your point of view is correct, then you need to prove it convincingly, with the help of arguments, not emotions.
Remember that men and women are differently arranged. Due to their physiological and psychological differences, they look at the same thing differently. And because of this, their interests are also different. Therefore, it is absolutely useless to try to interest the husband with a story about the latest gossip heard from girlfriends. And it’s even more senseless to be offended at him for the fact that in the midst of such a fascinating story he suddenly began to yawn.
Think: your patience would be enough for a long time if a husband with burning eyes began to tell you about the last football match of his favorite team or about some technical novelty, which you absolutely do not understand?
Immediately try to tune in to the fact that for the overwhelming majority of men the word “order” means immeasurably less than for women. If the husband does not throw his clothes and socks everywhere - consider yourself lucky and do not tempt fate with petty (from his point of view) chicking that each thing should have its place.
Remember that men are annoying when a woman is going too long. Of course, theoretically, they understand that the fair sex takes much longer to collect, but in practice it becomes very annoying for them. Especially when time is running out. Therefore, try all the same to start gathering ahead of time, so that your faithful would not alternately throw evil glances at the clock, then at his beloved "hoof".
Do not forget that male individuals in their absolute majority are much more restrained, secretive than females. And while they hate when they "climb into the soul." If your husband is clearly upset, puzzled, but does not want to talk about it - do not insist, give him time to "move away." He wants to - he will tell everything.

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