How to attract the attention of women in the bar

If a man is going to the bar with a firm intention to meet a woman there, then he needs to take care of his appearance. This does not mean that men should dress up in a dress coat with a bow tie, but a t-shirt with a cap will also not work. You just need to give the impression of a stylish, well-groomed man.

When you come to the bar, you need to choose a convenient table so that you can see all the people present and entering the bar. At the same time, the man himself must be visible.

First of all, in a bar a man should circle a slow, serene gaze of those around him and choose an object whose attention I would like to get.

You need to behave naturally and naturally, from time to time to cast a mysterious but open look at the woman you like. Eye contact is very important - it attracts attention.

If a woman persistently does not notice the views, you can ask the waiter to treat her to a cocktail or dessert.Pays, of course, a man.

When a woman looks back to see who has treated her, it is worthwhile to smile at her with an open smile, after which she will definitely turn her attention and perhaps want to get to know her closer.

In addition, from the usual methods of attracting attention, you can select random touches or attempts to ask a question. In public places it is quite natural.

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