How to assemble a bath from a bar

Collect the frame, gash corners on both sides of each crown, it is necessary in order to prevent the curvature of the box when dry. Zapily from the insidetimberwould be the best option, such an assembly is considered more reliable. Use nails or wooden dowels in the work - both options allow you to collect the frame in the same quality box.
Do not make a tight fit bars, free space is filled with insulation, use tow. Close the seal strips, the log house will look more aesthetic.
Consider the size of the nails, it should be 250 mm. Hammer in the nails so that the cap is deeply “drowned” by at least 3 cm. You can even take a drill and drill holes of the right size. The finished log house dries out, depending on the humidity of the material used, the nails that are not recessed will squeeze out the timber, too large gaps are formed.
If you decide to use wooden dowels, you need a powerful drill and a special drill.Drill a hole so that it forms on two crowns in a row. Nagel must be larger than the hole. Wooden dowels hold a log house stronger than nails. Use round slats made from high-quality tree species, such as oak, spruce, pine. Do not take nog from birch or aspen, these rocks are most susceptible to rotting.
One of the important stages of work is the installation of doors and windows. Take into account the shrinkage of the log house, especially if you decide to carry out these works immediately after assembling the box. Do not fasten windows and doors tightly, leave gaps. Do not sheathe a fresh framework inside, it will affect the process of "shrinkage".
Leave the frame without a roof, windows and doors for a year. Do not forget to treat it with antiseptic. Pay special attention to the lower rims, they are most susceptible to rotting.

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