How to arrange a photo session in a maritime theme?

Want more unusual and vivid photos? Then arrange an interesting photo session in the marine style. And we will show you how to do it!


Sea style is a very loose concept, because depending on the ideas of the photographer, the participants of the photo shoot, as well as their preferences, the basic ideas may differ.


  • Children's photo session in the marine style. A kid can play with sand, collect sea stones and shells, splash in water (if possible), in general, do everything that children usually do at sea, that is, have fun and enjoy.
  • A family photo session is a kind of sea walk, which gives great pleasure to all family members. Again, children can play and frolic, and mom and dad will be watching with ecstasy or take an active part in the games (then the pictures will be even more dynamic).
  • Love story on the sea is something very romantic, awesome. The ideal time of day is the end of the day,This will make it possible to take some funny pictures (for example, while swimming or playing games), as well as more restrained, romantic ones. Models can first have fun while the sun shines, and then enjoy the superb sunset.
  • Women's marine photo shoot. The main character is a kind of sexy sailor who decided to walk to the sea, get new impressions and show herself. Choose successful poses and angles to appear in all its glory.
  • Wedding photo session in the marine style is a separate topic. The ideal option is an altar on the seashore, petals of roses and other flowers, a flowing white dress on the bride and light clothing on the groom. Also, a photo session can be held in the style of a Hawaiian wedding, because Hawaii is the sea!


At what time of year is it best to conduct a marine photo session? If you are planning to take pictures in the open air, then the ideal season will undoubtedly be summer. But also the beginning of autumn will do. And if you rented a photo studio, then the time of year does not matter, because the necessary atmosphere will be created in any case.

A place

So, you have planned a photo session in the marine style.How to organize everything perfectly? You need to choose the right place. The ideal option would be the beach, and not necessarily the sea, the beach of any reservoir is quite suitable, but preferably large and picturesque, and not overgrown with reeds or covered with garbage. In addition, it is better to choose a deserted place, so that later not to detect strangers in your photos.

Instead of the beach, you can take a walk on a boat or a yacht, the photos will be amazing too! Just imagine: the deck, the waves overboard, the steering wheel and you. Here, willy-nilly, you want to reincarnate as a sailor or a real captain!

If you can not be photographed in nature, then you can rent a photo studio, today offers a variety of options for interiors, including the sea. And if you find a responsible and experienced photographer, then he will probably be able to use his details.

If the photo session is amateur and low-budget (free), then you can organize everything right at home. It is easier than it seems. On the background wall you can hang a blue or white sheet or even a large poster with the image of the sea.

And maybe, in some of your rooms there are suitable wallpapers. On the floor you can spread any large blanket. If you want realism, then lay an oilcloth and pour sand on it. But the layer must be quite thick so that the floor is not noticeable.


Sea style will not be marine, if you do not pay attention to details, because they create a general atmosphere. For the photo session you can use shells, pebbles, lifebuoys, flags (including pirate or funny invented by you), fishing nets, anchors, rudders and other parts of the ship and other items related to the marine theme.


Choosing an outfit, remember that you should look at ease, romantic and a little provocatively. So, a girl or a woman can wear a striped dress-shirt, a swimsuit and a pareo or beach tunic, white light shorts and a shirt (or a light translucent shirt), a light white sarafan. You can wear a cap or a bandanna on your head. Wear sandals or stay barefoot.

A man can wear light light pants and a shirt, t-shirt, polo or shirt. Shoe slippers can be. On his head let flaunt his cap.

Children also need to dress in the sea. All clothes are welcome, but with stripes or themed prints.

Makeup and hairstyle

Makeup should be as natural and youthful as possible, and if you decide to swim, it is also persistent. So, eyelashes can be colored with mascara, eyelids accentuate with thin lines of eyeliner or barely noticeable pearl shadows, hide defects with a light tonal cream with matting effect (there shouldn't be any oily shine on the photo, it will look awful in the photo) brilliance.

If you want to make the image more bold and bright, you can use red lipstick, it will perfectly fit into the color range.

Ideas of female hairstyles: horse tail, Greek hairstyle, braids, loose straight hair, light waves.

Basic Tones

The main colors should be the colors of the sea, sky and sand, that is, beige, white and blue. Light brown, sand and red are also allowed. You can mark outlines and borders with black.

What to do at the photo shoot?

What to do at the photo shoot? Many can answer: pose.And this is partly true, staged shots will show you in all its glory, emphasize your attractiveness. Choose the most successful poses, take care of this beforehand, after training in front of the mirror. If you do not find anything suitable, consult with the photographer, look at the photos posted on the Internet.

But the position of the body should be comfortable for you, as natural as possible, suitable for you, emphasizing the shortcomings and hiding minor flaws. So, you can lie down or stand on your toes and hold the handkerchief fluttering in the wind.

More interesting and dynamic are random photos. So just relax, imagine that you are on vacation at the resort, and just enjoy: play, jump, smile, dream.

Now the sea photo session will be remembered, as well as give a lot of positive emotions and interesting pictures!

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