How to apply sulsen soap?

The beauty and health of hair and skin not only affect the formation of the first impression of a person, but also give confidence to their owner. Well-groomed appearance contributes to a positive attitude, has to communicate. Therefore, in the event of skin problems, a lot of efforts are made to solve them as soon as possible.

The arsenal of available therapeutic and cosmetic products is quite large, and is expanding every year. Any consumer can choose a tool that is affordable and successful in action.

The prevalence of the problem among all age groups, regardless of gender, contributes to the emergence of new developments, allowing in a sparing mode using body-friendly compounds to cure psoriasis, seborrhea, rid of dandruff and skin rashes.

For example, sulsen soap. In addition to the above advantages, it helps to stop hair loss, stop itching, relieve inflammation.

About the product and its components

What is sulsen soap? This is a popular cosmetic product with a medicinal effect on the skin and hair. Its composition not only solves problems with the skin and hair, but also normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, increasing their activity for softness and hydration of the skin.

The result of the action of the remedy during the course of treatment is the disappearance of dryness and dandruff, the strengthening of the hair follicles and the hair structure, the reduction in the number of falling hairs, the disappearance of inflammatory processes with itching and skin irritations. Sulsen soap consists of the following components:

  • Disulfide selenium, which includes selenium and sulfur components;
  • vitamin supplements;
  • mineral.

In addition to soap, other forms of medical cosmetics, in the form of shampoos, creams, and pastes, are produced with the same basic composition. All of them are used not only for medical purposes, but also for preventive purposes.

Course therapy, with repetition in case of relapses. Means with gentle action, it is easy to apply and low price. Reviews of experts and consumers testify to its effectiveness.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main useful qualities of the product include regulation of the normal functionality of the sebaceous glands due to sulfur and selenium supplements, antifungal properties, the fight against alopecia and skin diseases, antiallergenicity.

Among the shortcomings should be noted the individual response to the tool, in the form of an increase in fatty secretions of the glands. In the case when after applying the soap, the hair looks unattractive and greasy, it will have to be canceled and resorting to other methods of treatment.

Terms of use

There are no contraindications for the use of sulsen soap, as it is absolutely safe for health, subject to simple rules. It is carefully applied to the treatment areas, avoiding contact with the mucous lips, eyes, nose.

If you do not neglect the tips on how to use soap, then you can solve the problems without any problems in a short time. So what is needed:

  • closely follow the rinsing means, protecting the mucous membranes;
  • wash hands thoroughly after the procedure and contact with soap;
  • To observe a medical course in one-two months, with a break for a month and a half;
  • Do not use the product more than twice a week.

Three main directions of therapeutic action

Soap is successful in psoriasis, where the rules of hygiene are based on the treatment. It is characterized by disinfectant qualities that help to dry the areas of inflammation. It is recommended to use the tool for exacerbations of psoriasis, a course of up to eight weeks. Soap cleans the head, removing itching, irritation, destroying germs, pathogens of the disease. To wash the head should not more than once in seven days, along with the usual shampoo. The treatment process for psoriasis consists of the following:

  • foaming the bar to foam;
  • applying foam on the root zone of the head;
  • massaging the area with the tool for at least five minutes;
  • thorough washing of the soap with warm water.

The product fights acne well, destroying bacteria and germs. Despite the fact that manufacturers do not recommend its application to areas without hair, soap remains in demand as an antibacterial agent, eliminating the cause of acne and successfully reducing the number of rashes. The main thing - the short duration of contact with the delicate skin.Sulsen soap is applied only on dry skin due to an increase in the amount of fat produced, and is not used for a long time, avoiding clogging of the pores. Its application helps to create a barrier to the reproduction of microbes that cause rashes. For safety procedures follow several rules, among which are:

  • prolonged skin contact;
  • exclusion from the areas of application of particularly sensitive (lips, eyes);
  • scrupulous washing off of soap.

Soap allows you to forget about dandruff. It is no less effective in combating seborrhea, due to its sulfur-selenium composition, which allows neutralizing fungal infections. The process of using the funds occurs in the following order:

  • It is necessary to apply a medical product on the wet, cleanly washed up hair habitual shampoo;
  • they are thoroughly soaped with a bar, rubbing the product into the skin under the hair with light massaging movements;
  • maintain the composition for ten minutes;
  • wash off soap with plenty of water;
  • Then you can rinse your hair with solutions with vinegar (one item. Spoon for three liters of water) or lemon juice (One item. Spoon for two liters of water).

The consumption of soap for one procedure is three grams, so for eight enough one bar. When buying a product, you need to pay attention to its shelf life. It is not recommended to use soap for treatment often - just seven times a day, and for prevention, once a month.

Among other types of soap - tar, household, sulfuric, used to eliminate skin problems, sulsenic - one of the best and gentle. And which one is right for you, you have to choose yourself, taking into account the problem and the condition of the skin. For gentle care and hygiene, in the presence of skin diseases, sulsen soap is a great helper and doctor.

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