How to agree redevelopment apartment

The coordination process is quite laborious, as it involves several stages at once. First, you need to invite experts. They will conduct a survey of the apartment, examine your project that you are going to implement, and develop a new project and technical documentation. In the event that your redevelopment touches changes in supporting structures, you will have to carry out additional surveys and them too.
Further you will need to work directly with the new technical documentation. It must be approved in a number of instances. The list of those enterprises that need to coordinate your redevelopment can be found in the housing inspection of your city. As a rule, it includes the Rospotrebnadzor, the house designer, the fire supervision of the Emergencies Ministry, the architecture committee, if the building is equipped with gas installations — the gas service, and also the balance holder (these are usually TSZH, DES). It is necessary to collect documents in the BTI (technical passport), the Single Housing Document, etc. After all approvals, the full package of papers is submitted to the dwelling inspection.
As soon as they give you permission, you can proceed to redevelopment. The housing inspection order, which gives you permission to work, is valid for 4 months. It is during this period you must have time to make your repair. Then you again appeal to the dwelling inspectorate to process all the necessary documents. On the basis of the certificate issued to you, changes are made in the title documents.
The act must state that you completed the work on time and conducted them in accordance with the project plan and order. Specialists housing inspection will sign it and put the seal. Only after that you can call the specialist from the Bureau of Technical Inventory to the house in order to record the changes in the layout of the apartment in the data sheet. This moment will be considered the end of the approval process.
In some cases, it is recommended to also record the changes you have made in the archive office of the Registration Chamber

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