How Sokolniki Park develops

Visitors to Sokolniki Park note that significant improvements have already occurred. For example, in the park now there are several access zones for free Wi-Fi, tracks for cyclists are laid, several sports equipment rental offices are open. Table tennis fans can now play it on new tables, at the services of billiards and chess fans - clubs of the corresponding profile. And those visitors who come to relax in the park with young children were given the opportunity to take them to watch cartoons in 5D format.
An observational astronomical site is planned to be opened in the park in the near future, where everyone can see the treasures of the starry sky through a telescope. Of course, the strongest Moscow illumination will not allow to see them in all its glory, such space objects as galaxies and star clusters will look very modest. But even observing the moon and some planets will surely bring genuine pleasure to people.
The authorities decided that Sokolniki Park will become a kind of copy of the world-famous Hyde Park in London, where the speaker’s corner exists. On the territory of the park, several spacious venues will be allocated where anyone can give a speech or discuss any other question with other people. It is envisaged that meetings and meetings may also take place at these sites, and it is not necessary to coordinate these public actions with the city authorities. It is only necessary that the number of participants does not exceed 2000 people, and public order is not violated.

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