How should pregnancy proceed

At about 3 weeks of pregnancy in women, the hormonal background of the body begins to change, adjusting for normal gestation. At this time, the expectant mother becomes a little scattered, because the brain is forced to constantly monitor the changes occurring in the body, which is why it is difficult for a woman to be distracted by something else. In the first weeks of pregnancy, a fertilized egg develops autonomously. Therefore, women's concerns about drinking alcohol and the medications taken at the initial stage are unfounded. Nature arranged everything in such a way that the harm, if it is not strong enough, will not touch the baby, otherwise the pregnancy will simply be interrupted.
As the blood volume of a pregnant woman increases, a decrease in hemoglobin is possible. With the help of power correction it is necessary to increase its level. To do this, it is sufficient to increase the consumption of iron-containing foods such as apples, liver and raisins.If the hemoglobin level falls below the 105 mark, it will have to be supported with special preparations, otherwise the child will begin oxygen starvation.
A common problem during pregnancy is constipation. This is due to an increase in the level of the hormone progesterone, which relaxes the muscles of the intestines. Help the body can also change nutrition. For this suitable products containing fiber, such as buckwheat, bran bread and vegetables. Seriously changes the work of the kidneys. Now they are forced to recycle waste products of both the mother and the child. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the amount of fluid consumed to avoid edema.
In connection with the increase in the size of the uterus, the internal organs change their position and are compressed. This explains the occurrence of heartburn and frequent urination.
The load on the spine and legs is also changing. This is due to the rapid weight gain. It varies from 6 to 18 kg and all 40 weeks. Surprisingly, slender girls recover most of all. The fact is that for safe carrying a certain body fat is needed, so thin women have to recruit more.
In addition to all the listed symptoms, it is worth paying attention to blood pressure, which should not exceed the limits of the norm. Do not be afraid and pain in the body, the body is configured to give birth, so much in its constitution is changing. Need to fear only sharp pain in the abdomen. It is also necessary to monitor the frequency of movements to notice deviations in the behavior of the fetus. But the most important thing is to always maintain contact with the gynecologist in order to be able to consult upon the occurrence of an unusual condition.

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