How not to get used to each other

Think not too often and on trifles do you criticize your spouse? And he buys the wrong thing, scatters clothes, and turns on the TV loudly. Such comments can be addictive, the husband will no longer pay attention to them, and the relationship will only worsen. Therefore, whenever possible, praise the faithful, especially since there is something for you: you could not marry a man without merits.
Do not forget about cute surprises and gifts: they are loved by everyone since childhood, cause positive, bright emotions, bring the effect of novelty in relationships. It may be a trifle, a trifle, but she will pleasantly surprise a loved one, especially if she takes into account his interests and passions.
When ordering and predictability in sexual life begins - this is a bell signaling that it is time, before it is too late, to reconsider it. Do you want to sleep well and not spend time on night movements? Then part with the dreams of ever-passionate love, which does not tolerate monotony.Or you act, experiment in bed - and soon wonder how many new sensations you will have both!
Remember how you flirted with the future spouse a period of courtship. And now they have decided that it is yours forever, there is no need to flirt and spread the tail? Believe me, the game is worth the candle if you do not want a family boring routine. Continue, as before, to build his eyes, boldly and teasingly touch, especially at a party, be seductively intriguing, always different and exciting.
Communicate as often as possible and for any reason. Do not withdraw into yourself, do not hesitate to share experiences and thoughts. Look for sympathy and do not be afraid to encourage, regret, declare love to each other. Of course, here it is necessary to observe a sense of proportion, otherwise excessively frequent communication will result in intrusiveness and spoil everything.

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