How not to get lost in the world of fragrances

The leading master class "Perfume Guide" and a technical specialist in perfumery Ekaterina Zolotova talks about the role of smell in everyday life.

Smell is considered one of the oldest senses. Even single-celled organisms are able to perceive odors, however, they do not particularly assess their feelings. Aromas surround and affect us 24 hours a day. As long as we breathe, we depend on them. Emotions, communication, mood, choice of food and drinks, interlocutors and sexual partners - all this is connected with smells.

Most of us use the sense of smell unconsciously

But most of us use the sense of smell unconsciously. In everyday life, we simply do not need this, because we receive basic information through a visual channel. Most often we pay attention to smells, if they are bright in a good or bad sense. Most people know exactly how fresh bakery or rotten fish smells, but very few people have traced the smell of nickel silver spoons or cashmere sweaters.And not because it does not feel, but because it did not pay attention.

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Gone are the days when attention to smell was just as necessary as good vision or the ability to run fast. Yes, and the word "smells" in some cultures has already found negative connotation. But in vain, because with the help of smells, strong emotional sensations are achieved. Smells are closely related to emotions and very easily evoke memories of the places where we were, or the people we loved.

With the help of smells, strong emotional sensations are achieved.

The world of fragrances is huge and multifaceted, and one of its main parts can be called perfume. It is difficult to deny the fact that in the modern world everything smells. That is, in general, everything! And how can a person not get lost in all this variety of chypre, wine glasses and other scary words? What does “niche” perfumery mean and why is it only “cool” to use it now? A person is faced with the fact that in this world at first glance there are more questions than answers.

Photo: archive press service master class

Probably, you or your mother are suffering from long-overdue perfumes that were loved in youth.Can you find a replacement for them? Or the same mother wonders why the fragrance she wears all her life smells different on the shelf in the store. And everyone is afraid to get to the fake and want to know where exactly you can buy perfumes. There are a million such difficulties, andmaster class "Perfume guide"will help you deal with them.

Samples of commercial fragrances and their “source code” - natural essential oils and synthetic substances used in the production of modern perfumery - are clearly seen at the master class. Here you can learn the truth about perfume myths and legends and understand that in this vast world of perfumery is really yours.

When:September 30 from 3 pm to 6 pm

Where:Komsomolsky Prospect, 15s2 (metro station "Frunzenskaya" / "Park Kultury").

Cost:2200 rubles.

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