How not to fall for MMM

In order not to fall for MMM, first of all, increase your financial literacy. Watch out for the activities of similar firms, compare their offers with offers on financial deposits from banks that are more or less reliable. Usually fraudsters attract the attention of a high return on investment. In fact, investors can not regain a small part of the money contributed.
Remember that the average market rate of return on a bank deposit is a sensible investment. All that is higher is a risky investment. The risk is that you will not receive any income or return. And the state is unlikely to be able to give you any guarantees. Very high interest on deposits - pure fraud. The risk is much higher than in the casino.
Tell your family, relatives and friends about the activities of the MMM financial pyramid. It is not necessary to conduct agitatory activities, but it is worth mentioning it on occasion.It is quite possible that next time they will warn you against the actions of other scammers like MMM.
Pay attention to the activities of MMM and Mavrodi. The Belarusian branch of MMM was recognized as a financial pyramid and closed. In Moscow, MMM offices also had problems with law enforcement. And this is only in the first year of MMM-2011.
If you or someone you know have already invested your money in MMM, do not hesitate to contact law enforcement agencies and other government agencies at the first problems with the refund of the money contributed. Until statements from the victims appear, efforts to curb the operation of financial pyramids for law enforcement officers is difficult.
The peculiarity of the operation of financial pyramids, which is MMM, is the need to attract more and more new investors in order to be able to support the company's activities with their money, pay salaries to employees and interest to the first investors. There is only one conclusion: the more popular the financial pyramid becomes, the more participants there are, the closer it is to collapse.

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