How not to be nervous before giving birth

Uncertainty is very scary. Childbirth is an unpredictable process. For those who give birth for the first time everything is exciting, because it is unclear what awaits them outside the doors of the maternity hospital. You can relieve anxiety by reading the process of childbirth. Now it is easy to find literature on this topic or information on the Internet.
Choosing a good obstetrician and maternity hospital will help you to remove the anxiety associated with the provision of medical care at a crucial moment. The opportunity to get acquainted with your doctor in advance, the confidence that he knows the features of your pregnancy and is ready to give you due attention, calms you down. The choice of the hospital is also very important for your peace of mind. After all, you must be sure that you will receive competent medical care and all the conditions for a safe delivery. Each region has its own popular medical facilities. Often girls share their impressions about them in local forums.Some maternity hospitals organize excursions for future mothers to make it easier for them to make a decision.
Most of all frightening severe pain, which inevitably accompanies childbirth. In the modern world, a way to avoid it has been thought up - spinal anesthesia. But this invention of modern medicine is not used in all Russian maternity hospitals and not for all parturient women is available. To lower the threshold of sensitivity by the power of thought is impossible. You can only reassure yourself self-hypnosis. Pain warns the body against danger. That is why man is so afraid of her. Pain is natural during childbirth. She comes in to your baby. This is only part of the process, followed by great joy - the opportunity to see your child. Thinking of the pain that accompanies the resolution of the burden, concentrate your thoughts on the joy that you will experience at the birth of the baby. Think of your child, imagine his smile and the feelings that you will experience. And during childbirth, in the most difficult moments, think about the baby. It is difficult, but it works, because at this moment you are distracted.
Often the excitement is the thought that labor can start suddenly in an unexpected place, and you will not have time to get to the hospital.It�s only in films that a child is born right in the car or train, without waiting for medical help. As a rule, childbirth lasts 16-18 hours. This time is enough to get to your maternity hospital. Prompt labor is very rare, but they take 1.5-3 hours.

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