How many children can a woman have, and 25 more facts about babies

Statistics - it just sounds boring. In fact, with all sorts of calculations revealed a lot of funny and interesting things.

What do we know about children? They are born helpless, they don’t say, they can hardly do anything, and they grow very quickly. Oh yeah, they also have no knee cups and they do not know how to cry, just scream. But that's not all. We have found 26 more facts that prove that children are just some kind of aliens.

1.From the moment of birth until the moment of getting used to the pot, the child spends about 8 thousand diapers.

2.In the body of a newborn baby there is not a single bacterium. And in its vessels only 235 milliliters of blood circulate. In the arteries and veins of an adult, we recall, 5 liters of blood.

3.In the first two years of a child’s life, the total lack of sleep for parents is about six months. In the literal sense - if you add up all those hours that they had to sleep, but didn’t sleep, you will get about one and a half thousand hours. Half a year, Karl!

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4.Newborn babies in the first few months only distinguish between black and white. All other colors they begin to see later.

5.Baby foreskin, which remains after circumcision, is used for the manufacture of cosmetics. Forgive us for this fact.

6.Studies have shown that children calm down twice as fast if they hear singing, and not just speaking.

7.Neurologists say that in the first years of life, children do not dream.

8.Statistics claim that children born prematurely are more likely to become left-handed.

9.Did you know that ... The youngest professional football player has become a 20-month-old baby. He was accepted into the Belgian Club.

10.If during fetal development any organ of the fetus is damaged, the fetus sends stem cells to restore the organ.

11. When a child turns one year old, the size of his leg is equal to half of his “adult” size. Multiply by two - and get the size of the shoes that your child will wear to the prom.

12.Babies who were born two weeks ahead of time cannot sweat. Even if they are hot, there will be no perspiration. Gradually, the sweat glands "ripen."First, the forehead begins to sweat, then the chest, then the arms, and finally the legs.

13.The sex of the baby depends only on the father. The Y chromosome, “due to” which boys are born, is contained in the male DNA. There is no such chromosome in the body of a woman. Diet, time of day, posture in sex - all this has absolutely no meaning.

14.In the Middle Ages, children's diseases were treated exclusively with leeches. For example, if the baby had croup, the leech was shoved into the child's airway.

15.About 255 babies are born in the world every minute. This is 4.3 births per second.

16. The length of the intestine of a newborn baby is 3.35 meters. As they grow older, this figure doubles.

17.Scientists believe that babies who are breastfed for the first three months develop 30 percent more efficiently than babies who are fed with a mixture.

18.At the time of birth, there are more than 10 million nerve cells in a child’s brain. As they grow older, their number decreases.

19.Children do not remember anything that happened to them in the first three years of their life. Neuroscientists call this phenomenon infantile amnesia. There are several theories about why this is happening, but none of them is 100 percent proven.

why baby crying
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20.University of Texas scientists found that babies like beautiful faces more than ordinary ones.

21.Every day, at least 9 million people in the world celebrate their birthday.

22.Since the birth and during the first two years of life, 73 thousand different changes occur in a child. The average time of each change is two minutes. Every two minutes, the baby changes - incomprehensible to the mind!

23.In the first few days after birth, the baby’s skin is so sensitive that it can distinguish between touches of bristles of different sizes.

24.If the child turns away from the spoon, then he ate. No, he is not naughty, just full.

25.The largest number of children born by one woman is 69 people. The record set - ta-dam! - Russian peasant woman. Her name is unknown, only the last name is Vasilyeva. From 1725 to 1765, she gave birth to triplets seven times, twins 16 times, and fourfolds were born four times.

26.Does your child love to play cuckoo? Well, when you cover your face with your hands and pretend that you are not. And then - oops, and again you are. This is all because the child’s “memory” is very short. When you cover your face, you do not exist for the baby.He simply forgets that you are when he does not see you. Out of sight, out of reality.

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