How many chickens live?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 26, 2013
How many chickens live?

The question of how many chickens live is very ambiguous, because the owner never waits for the bird to grow old and die a natural death. The fact is that chickens are distributed on:

  1. laying hens that carry out a plan for feeding eggs;
  2. hens that incubate;
  3. broilers that are eaten.

It is on what task the chicken performs that its lifespan depends.

If the hen is a hen, then it is kept on the farm until productivity begins to decline. These chickens carry eggs for up to three years, after which the amount of the product decreases. Therefore, most often such a bird after this period is used in food. It can be said that the layer (as well as the hen) does not live for more than three years. If you let the bird live to the age of five, it will become tough, almost inedible. But if you miss the fact that the bird is killed, then it can live to 10 years (some breeds live 5-6 years). Therefore, the question of how much a chicken lives depends only on its owner.

If we talk about broilers, they only live for six weeks. Such hens have time to gain the desired weight (from 2 kilograms), grow rapidly. And if the broiler is not eaten after this period, it will be solid and unsuitable for food.

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