How long after a tooth can be eaten

Usually, dentists are advised to eat after such an operation no earlier than in 2-3 hours. However, before you start dinner or dinner after 120 minutes, you should still listen to your feelings.

How long after tooth extraction can be eaten: gum condition

It is not necessary to take food in two to three hours if pain or burning is felt in the area of ​​the wound. The same applies to the appearance of blood clots in the mouth after such a period of time. If after the removal of a tooth after a few hours, similar symptoms are still observed, the patient should definitely consult a doctor. Such signs are a clear departure from generally accepted norms. Blood and burning can be evidence, for example, of beginning suppuration. And this, as we know, is very dangerous.

What foods should not be eaten

So, we found out how much time after the removal of the tooth you can eat.But what foods are allowed to eat after this operation? On the first day after the removal of the tooth, it is not worth worrying too much. The patient should eat only those products that do not irritate the mucous membranes, and also do not cause much difficulty with chewing. Also, do not eat too hot or cold food.

It is best to have some mashed potatoes, vegetable stews, cereals in the first days after the operation. Pepper in products in any case should not be. The same goes for onions or garlic. It will also be nice at this time to eat soups and borscht.

On the second day, solid foods can be eaten. By this time, the wound will be delayed well, and foreign stimuli will not have a negative impact in terms of the time of complete healing. But in any case, spicy and very sweet foods are not recommended to eat for another two or three days after the operation.

How much can you drink

After how much you can eat after the removal of the tooth - is understandable. But what time should wait for a drink? With regard to beverages, there are no such serious restrictions as in terms of eating after such an operation.Drink after tooth extraction can be after 1 hour. It is allowed to do this if necessary before. But drinking immediately after the operation, you can only water at room temperature and very carefully, trying not to fall on the wound. Juices, tea, coffee, etc., can be drunk no earlier than 50-60 minutes after removal. But too hot or cold drinks in this case should not be.

Of course, you can not drink coffee or tea in the event that in the area of ​​the wound there is pain or burning. You should not do this for bleeding.

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