How fashionable to wear cape?

You can find so many modern and stylish things in clothing stores that you simply run up your eyes! But it is important to pull yourself together and not to buy everything, but to choose only suitable and fashionable options. And, of course, you need to know how to wear them. What is a cape? And with what it can be combined? Find out to create a bright and stylish look!

What it is?

Cape - a cape coat, somewhat reminiscent of a poncho. The name, by the way, is translated from English as "cape" and reflects the whole point. Such a thing has a tailored and contoured shoulder line and usually a free cut, but there are no sleeves in it and, as a rule, are replaced with slots. For sewing are usually used dense materials.

There was such an unusual and elegant thing in England during the Middle Ages, and then it was mostly monks who wore it. Later, capes were appreciated by travelers, and in the Victorian era this item of clothing began to enter the female wardrobe. In the XIX century, the keypas were worn by wealthy ladies in Russia, and in the last century there were several peaks in the popularity of such a thing: in the 1920s, in the 1960s. The next take-off happened quite recently - a few years ago.Cape remains relevant today: it appears on fashion shows and in shop windows.

Who would suit such a thing?

Cape can be safely considered a universal thing, and there are several reasons for that. First of all, such a coat will suit the owner of any figure: a slim girl, and a lady with appetizing forms, and even a slim and miniature woman.

Secondly, there are absolutely no age restrictions, because the caps look equally harmonious both on young stylish girls, and on self-confident and women who have taken place in life, and even on ladies of balzac age. All you need is to choose the right model and the right shade.

Thirdly, the cap is an excellent option for all occasions. It can be worn to work in the office, used as casual outerwear, and even worn over luxurious evening or bright cocktail dresses. In addition, this coat is combined with a huge number of things, so you can accurately fit it into your wardrobe and make it an integral and, possibly, basic component.

How to choose a stylish option?

When choosing a cap, pay attention to several important points:

  1. Style and length. These criteria depend on the features of the figure. Thus, a tall and slim lucky girl can afford almost any model, including a short and fully opening coat of her legs. It is better for owners of appetizing forms to pay attention to midi or maxi length capes, which hide all the flaws. Trapezoidal cut will make more feminine and narrow shoulders, as well as add the missing volume in the hips. Cape straight cut will visually pull the silhouette.
  2. Material. Drap, leather, cashmere, tweed, suede and synthetic materials are used for sewing capes. Take into account the time of year, practicality of things and their preferences.
  3. The color depends on how and where you plan to wear the thing. So, the black coat-cap looks strictly and is suitable for office work and business meetings. White color will give the image of lightness and femininity. Powder and beige shades, which are still relevant, will add elegance and highlight the impeccable taste.
  4. Print If a monochromatic cape seems banal and boring to you, then choose a brighter and more interesting one, complemented by drawings. Classical and inconspicuous patterns are cage, strip and "crow's feet."But you can choose funny polka dots, inscriptions or images.
  5. Learn the details. For example, the key can be fastened completely or only at the top. For fixing buttons, buttons, hooks and locks are used. Such a thing may have a stand-up collar or turn-down, and for some models this element is completely absent. Another possible and sometimes very useful detail is the hood, which will replace the cap in the cold season.
  6. Decorative items. Embroidery, stones and rhinestones, laces, drapes, ruffles, inserts of other materials, spikes, rivets, and so on are used to decorate capes.

How to wear it correctly?

Now you know what Cape is, but this information is not enough to create a stylish image. We need to figure out how to wear this thing fashionably and harmoniously combine it with other elements of the wardrobe.

The most successful ideas:

  • Tapered shortened or classic trousers will add an elegant or even a strict look. And short straight capes are well combined with flared models.
  • Skirts of the most different styles. So, if you have acquired a long enough cape, then it can completely close the skirt, and in this case it is allowed to choose mini models. Straight or tapered pencils harmoniously combine with a short cap.But from flared models it is better to refuse, as well as from long ones, since the accent should remain on the upper part of the body, the lower one let it be more concise and uncomplicated.
  • Dresses Fashionable and stylish Cape can be worn with a knitted noodle dress or sweater model. But with an elegant coat organically combined case cut.
  • Wear leggings, but certainly with a tunic or short dress. Such a thing should replace panty hoses, and it is better to combine it with shoes, partially covering the calf.
  • Try to risk and wear shorts with a cap, complementing them with a jumper, long sleeve or sweatshirt.

What shoes to pick up?

The most different shoes are combined with capes. So, you can choose boots: jockey, with a wide top, on a steady heel, flat or on a hairpin. Feminine booties, fashionable female loafers or oxfords will be appropriate. If it's warm outside, you can wear neat pumps with a light coat. And in order not to freeze and create a bright image, you can choose jack boots that cover most of the legs. But sports shoes are definitely worth giving up.

How to add accessories?

In the photo from fashion shows, you can see that if you skillfully supplement the key with accessories, then the kit can acquire a twist and become even more stylish.First of all, pay attention to the headgear. These can be berets, youthful knitted hats, bowler caps or those with wide soft fields.

To complement the image and close the hands, you can use high gloves or mitts. In the cold season, a scarf or a scarf can be very useful, but this accessory is best combined with a capless collar. And make the final touch by picking up a thin strap (if appropriate) and an elegant handbag or clutch.

If you do not have a stylish cape, then buy it and start creating bright and fashionable images.

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