How does the media help in the process of youth socialization?

Social environment has a significant impact on the person. But especially teenagers are subject to social influence. At 13-15 years old, a child can even be in himself if he is not in the right social group that can help him adapt to a difficult transitional period. But besides the society itself, the formation of the personality of a young man is greatly influenced by the mass media.

Media and the formation of the outlook of youth

Less and less often the youth’s worldview is shaped by the influence of the older generation. It is not possible to listen to mom and dad, and it is not relevant in a rapidly changing world. But televisions and magazines, unnoticed by many, have become weighty authorities for young people.
For example, you can take magazines for girls. Councils from such publications at least once yes used the representative of the beautiful half of humanity.And young men, in turn, fall under the influence of male publications such as Maxim, adopting the cult of a beautiful body and other aspects of their formation.
The above can be attributed to the number of personal influences, but there is also an impact of collective type media. Television creates subcultures. It's pointless to argue with that. After all, the more often a star flashes on the screen, the higher the likelihood that crowds of young people will soon adopt the idol’s style and manner. Through a picture on TV, ideas and cults of narcotic drugs are laid to telling adolescents, recall the recent film The Great Gatsby, or vice versa immerse them in patriotic sentiments through the TV series Soldiers, showing all the positive aspects of the service to the Motherland.

Media as a means of managing generations

The circle of interests of a young man who has not yet seen life and does not have relevant experience is shaped by information drawn from outside. And it is good when the external source is mainly books, and not television or glossy publications. Indeed, through the media, the powerful of this world can directly control the masses.
Of course, the ability to control minds through the media is not a reason to put young people in an information vacuum. But abusing the “eating” of everything that the press is preparing, television and radio is not the best way to raise a person who is able to think and analyze independently. Given the high level of influence of the media on the process of socialization of young people, it is worth carefully controlling the information provided in the public domain through the above channels.

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