How does the doctor take?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
October 20, 2014
How does the doctor take?

Each of us had to be sick at least once in our life. But not everyone had to seek help from a doctor. Is it scary? What happens in the office? How does the doctor take his patients?

Usually, doctors act as follows.

Patient survey

When you get an appointment with a doctor of any specialty, the first thing he will do is ask you about what brought you to him, as well as your complaints. During the conversation, the doctor will ask questions about when and under what circumstances you are sick, what preceded this condition. Was there any injury or contact with infectious patients, etc.? After clarifying complaints and details of the history of the disease about which you asked for help, the doctor will ask you about the diseases that you have suffered throughout life, as well as traumatic injuries, infectious diseases, allergic reactions. The doctor will definitely clarify about the diseases of your relatives, as some diseases are inherited.

Examination of the patient

After the conversation, the doctor will proceed to the inspection process. That is, if you are a physician at the reception, then a specialist will evaluate with the help of a phonendoscope the work of the heart and lungs, measure pressure, hear a pulse, palpate (feel) the abdominal organs. If you are at a neuropathologist's reception, then the doctor will evaluate the work of the nervous system - check tendon reflexes, evaluate skin sensitivity and the work of other sensory organs, reveal if there are no coordination disorders, assess muscle strength and tone.

Examination of test and survey data

After an objective examination, the doctor will proceed to assessing the data provided by the analyzes or examinations of the relevant authorities. After that, most likely, he will be able to diagnose (or suggest it) and prescribe you either a treatment, or an additional examination, or consult a specialist of another profile. Also, most likely, you will be assigned a date of re-admission to correct treatment.

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