How does menopause in a woman

The first sign of menopause in women is hot flashes. They last about 2-3 minutes. and are accompanied by a sensation of intense heat in the neck, face, arms and chest. Sometimes the body temperature rises and the lack of air is felt. The skin is covered with red spots. You can also add dizziness, heart palpitations and nausea to the first symptoms of menopause. Hot flushes are characterized by heavy sweating during the night.
Factors of menopause are dry inside the vagina and the sensation in it of a foreign body. The intimate zone acutely feels various changes in the body, therefore, with slowing metabolic processes, reducing moisture and elasticity of tissues, cracks form in the walls of the vagina and lower pelvic organs descend.
The frequent occurrence of menopause - insomnia. During menopause, progesterone hormones begin to fall short, which are natural relaxants, calming and improving sleep. For this reason, women begin to suffer from sleepless nights, feel tired and irritable.
On the onset of menopause can serve as frequent mood swings. The psycho-emotional state of the woman is disturbed, as a result of which anxiety, tearfulness, anxiety, fear and aggressiveness appear. Such bursts of mood are also characteristic during the premenstrual period, but during menopause they are more distinct.
Due to the dryness inside the vagina and chest pains, a woman’s intimate attraction decreases. In some cases, it becomes impossible.
Also during menopause, thinning of the hair and brittle nails begin. This is a common problem in women, as due to hormonal imbalance, hair and nails suffer from a lack of estrogen.
The onset of menopause is sometimes accompanied by allergic reactions. Women face an exacerbation of existing allergies. Most often suffer from asthma, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. Also, memory problems associated with low estrogen levels begin. Problems disappear after smoothing hormonal fluctuations.
Such factors as weight gain, headache and muscle pain, heart problems, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence are signs of menopause in a woman.Regular visits to the gynecologist and therapist, proper nutrition, taking vitamins and special medications, moderate exercise allow the woman to more easily transfer all age-related changes and menopause.

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