How do parents properly communicate with a child

No doubt you need to be able to, want to communicate with the child. Communication begins at a subconscious level, still in the womb. Then the child is born, comes to this new world for him, about which he still does not know anything. Therefore, it is so important for parents that the first minutes of life surround the child with care, tenderness, attention, protection and love. It is necessary to take into account the energetic, psychological, emotional moments of communication, the so-called intuitive perception.
Over time, the child grows up, cognizes the world around, learns to navigate in it, studies the laws of life, makes the first tentative steps. It is at this moment that parents need to show heightened attention and care for their child. At the same time, this does not mean that you need to agree with all the requirements and wishes of the baby. It should be easy to explain to the child what can and cannot be done. To do this, you need to become a good friend to your child in order to communicate and solve various problems in a confidential manner, controversial moments, if they arise.
As they grow up, the child will be interested in more and more new topics in communicating with parents, he will ask many questions, maybe they will be unexpected, very relevant and important for both the parents themselves and the child. Therefore, you need to be modern, intellectual, cultural people with knowledge and skills in various areas of life in order to always find a common language with your child. On this difficult and interesting life path, one needs to possess tremendous patience, understanding, openness and desire to understand another person. After all, understanding and communication along with love, friendship and mutual assistance are the basis of human relationships.

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