How can I use indoor plants in the interior?

In a modern, even the smallest apartment, indoor plants are often found: they can be large or very small, very fastidious and exotic, or unpretentious, but still, creating a special atmosphere of calm, comfort and family well-being.

Houseplants love almost everything and it is not surprising, because these green rays of nature really have a number of useful properties: they relieve stress, improve the psychological situation in the house, and also enrich our home with fresh oxygen, which is especially important for residents of large and polluted cities.

Indoor plants in the interior of a house or apartment is a separate issue, to which it is important to be creative and, of course, enriched with some knowledge, otherwise you risk turning your own home into a greenhouse. Being engaged in registration, it is always very important not to overdo it, but to find that fine line on which all your efforts will be fully justified.

To achieve the best results, before buying a flower, you need to figure out its future place, and also find out if you can take care of it properly. The fact is that a large number of dusty, neglected and yellowing colors in an apartment, even with the most beautiful design, can greatly spoil the appearance of the apartment, giving it an atmosphere of neglect and clutter.

That is why it is important to remember that the use of indoor plants in home design - is not easy, so to speak, an amateur. If you don’t really trust your memory, you can forget to water the plants, or you can’t always pay attention to them, then it’s better to choose unpretentious and drought-resistant species, for example, cacti.

In spacious rooms, you can equip whole green areas that can create the atmosphere of a real winter garden, for this you can create special stands or shelves to make the plants harmoniously arranged.

We must not forget that many of them are light-loving comrades, therefore for them it is necessary to select places closer to the window or to equip special places with lighting based on fluorescent lamps.Interesting look niches in the wall with built-in lights and plants.

Every room has a flower!

It is also important to remember that for each individual room, to a greater extent, its green plants are suitable, because each of them has its own energy, which will affect all the life processes in your apartment.

Corridor (entrance hall)

So, the first room that your guests and everyone who enters the house will see is, of course, the corridor. Basically, this is quite a dark place where there are no windows, and, therefore, it is reasonable to install shade-loving plants, which, for the most part, are unpretentious.

This, for example, Drazen, Maranta, Fatsia or Sansevera. If there is enough space, then lush and large plants that can be placed in tubs on the floor, such as ferns, will be appropriate in the corridor. If the corridor is small, then along the walls on small shelves you can arrange small pots with flowers that will add to the corridor of home comfort.


How to arrange flowers here? Here they are rare, the whole problem - in lack of space, but it can be easily solved with the help of a wide window sill or pots.Aloe, ficus, ivy, chlorophytum and others will feel good in the kitchen. Again, the size of green representatives is directly dependent on the size of your kitchen.

By the way, it will be a good idea to make a small "vegetable garden", there you can grow green onions, dill and parsley, decorative pepper and even lemons. For these purposes it is possible to use, as usual trays, and original replacement in the form of old mugs, teapots and other kitchen utensils.

Living room

The most common and most "hospitable" room of the house is, of course, a living room, over the design of which many families work for more than one year. This is the room you want to make as cozy and harmonious as possible, and indoor plants are excellent helpers in this business!


Often it is large, and therefore it is here that large and broadleaf plants are planted, such as palms, ferns, and other trees - tea, coffee, oranges or lemons.

If there is not so much space, it is better not to weight the interior with large tubs, but to give preference to hanging baskets with climbing plants that will give the room lightness and airiness.For those who seek to preserve a soft interior, designers are advised to choose glass vases or transparent flasks instead of pots.


The bedroom is a special place in any house, the kingdom of sleep, rest and complete relaxation, it is customary to use bright and soft colors, as well as dim lights and furniture of rounded shapes. Plants in such a room should be selected without bright smells and with soothing aromas that charge the room with positive energy.

For the bedroom, best suited unpretentious ficuses, dracaena or monstera. To create a minimalist interior is best suited Fatsia, which, by the way, promotes good sleep, and also looks great, both in the photo and in real life.

Flower arrangements of violets, gloxinia or cyclamen will look very picturesque and cozy, and to create a harmonious design, you can use pots that, by color or texture, will be combined with the general interior of the room.

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