How can I insert music into the presentation?

How can I insert music into the presentation?It's no secret that the insertion of media files into the presentation makes it easier to perceive the information provided, making viewing more comfortable and enjoyable. In the software package of the popular Power Point program, developers have provided a set of sound files, but you can also insert music from another source into the presentation. In this article we will look at ways to make soundtrack as simple and effective as possible.

Selection of media files

For Power Point presentations, you can use music file formats such as MP3 or WAV. It can be both songs downloaded from various Internet portals, and sound recordings made on the recorder of your mobile device.

However, it is preferable to dwell on the first option, since MP3 compositions are more capacious, have a smaller size and better quality. Also, before inserting music into the presentation, make sure that you have the copyright to use the song or permission to include the track in the presentation.

How can I insert music into the presentation?

How to embed music in a presentation - step by step instruction

Add the desired composition to individual pages of the presentation material - an elementary task that is solved by one action. However, it is often necessary to make the same song sound during the flick of all the slides. Do not so easy, however feasible. For this you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open your slides. On the "Insert" tab, find the "Sound" option and put the media file you need. In this case, the icon representing the loudspeaker should be displayed on the slide.
  • Then go to the tab "Animation" and click on the menu on the option "Animation Settings." In the playback window of the sound file, you will see a ruler with the name of the specified composition.
  • You need to activate this window, and then press the button with the arrow at the bottom of the screen by selecting the “Effect parameters” option from the menu.
  • Then in the “Effect” tab, go to the “Finish” category, where you will need to specify the number of slides to which you want to “put on” the music.
  • To adjust the volume of the specified music, go to the tab “Sound settings” and specify the desired intensity on the equalizer.
  • You can also activate the automatic activation of music in the “Time” menu, where you need to select the “Run with the previous” item.

This instruction on how to insert music into all slides applies to PowerPoint 2007, but you can do the same on the program for the 2003 platform with some changes. The necessary commands “Configure animation” and “Insert sound” are not in the general tape, but in the corresponding items of the main menu.

How can I insert music into the presentation?


Important to remember


  • It is best to use MP3 files. Even if you download a media file from iTunes, you need to convert it to standard MP3 format.
  • Built-in WAV files have a size limit of 50 MB.
  • Do not specify a file name that is too long. All entries with titles longer than 128 characters will not be played in Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

How can I insert music into the presentation?

Thus, we have reviewed the detailed instructions that will help you arrange the presentation of sound. Following simple advice you can save a lot of time and prepare quality material.

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