How to change the handwriting

How to change the handwritingA lot of people are not satisfied with their style of writing, but for unknown reasons they continue to write as before. Illegible writing can cause discomfort not only to the author of “hieroglyphs”, but also to readers. How often do patients encounter completely incomprehensible symbols on prescriptions from doctors, which should mean a particular medicine, diagnosis or recommendations for treatment? .. It’s easy to change the handwriting, you just have to want it!

What is handwriting

Before you change the handwriting to beautiful, you need to understand and understand the mechanism of action. You are not going to fix the bike without knowing how it works? The fact is that writing letters is a habit, in other words, a conditioned reflex. From the school course of anatomy, it is known that conditioned reflexes are acquired. That is, this is an action that a person brought to automatism by repeated repetition.

That is why elementary school is taught to write neat and smooth writing - to create a favorable basis for the formation of style.However, the more information is taught in school, the faster and "disorderly" the child begins to write. Remember the years of studying at the university, when you had to make all sorts of abbreviations and write very quickly in order to at least somehow manage to outline the lecture of the teacher.

How to change the handwriting

But study ends, and a person enters into adulthood with a bad hand. For example, becoming a doctor ... How to change it for the better, when behind years and years of ugly "speed" note-taking at the university?

How to change the handwriting

The change in handwriting is an adjustment of the fine motor skills of the hands. It will be much easier to do this than at the time when you were just beginning to master the recipe in elementary school.

There are several ways to quickly change the handwriting:

  1. Find a sample of beautiful handwriting that you like, put it in front of you and try as much as possible to repeat all the curves of the letters. You can also put tracing paper or a thin sheet of writing paper on it and trace the letters until the hand “remembers” how to write them.
  2. If you do not want to drastically change your writing style, but make the handwriting beautiful and legible, pay attention to the position of your body at the time of writing.Perhaps the reason is incorrect posture or too high a chair. Try changing your body position and see how much the spelling of letters changes. If you like these changes, keep working in the same position.
    How to change the handwriting
  3. To quickly change your handwriting to beautiful, at least 20 minutes a day should be paid to work out a new style. Take your time and carefully draw all the "loops" and the elements of letters. If the situation permits, slowly add each word in your new manner, filling out the working documentation or making notes in a notebook.

Useful advice: to speed up the "memorization" of the new manner of writing, at first it is better to use not a pen, but an ordinary simple pencil. Graphite provides less resistance to the surface of the paper sheet, which allows you to make a smaller amount of effort when writing. By the way, if you have to write a lot (outline a lecture), it is better to do it with a pencil, then the hand will not tire.

How to change the handwriting

Today, more and more adults are faced with the problem of poor handwriting for the simple reason that they prefer the keyboard of a computer to paper and pen.If you want to change the handwriting to a more beautiful one or to form your own unique style, use the above recommendations.

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