How best to grow strawberries

You will need
  • - fertilizers;
  • - planting material.
Plant outstrawberrieson a flat or sloping surface to the southwest. Do not try to growstrawberriesin the lowlands, on the slopes, this will lead to late maturation and an increase in the number of diseases and pests.
Place for planting should be selected taking into account the timing of snow. Early snowfall cannot guarantee a bountiful harvest. Planting must be protected from the wind, so places with through-flow for growing are not suitable.
The best time to land is May or the end of July. Seedlings plant outlets, not falling asleep growth point. If you are planning to get your sockets, take no more than 5 shoots from one brood bush, on which 15 sockets will grow. The shrub for breeding should not bear fruit, so when the first peduncles appear, carefully trim them.
Strawberry loves slightly acidic soil containing clay, sand with a high content of humus and nutrients.On riddled soils, make the ridges high, on soils with low humidity it is not necessary to raise the ridges. Landing ridges for planting in the fall, in the spring you just loosen and trim them.
Fertilize ridges with humus, peat, sand, turfy ground and sawdust. The soil should be as rich and fertile as possible. Width of ridges should be no more than 100 cm. Before cultivation, add one tablespoon of GROWTH-1 or nitrophoska fertilizer and 1 kg of wood ash to one m2 of the ridge. Dolomite flour can be made only in the fall.
Ridge up the ridge to a depth of 35 cm, clean the soil from weeds and roots, remove the beetles and larvae, after planting, sprinkle plenty of plants with coarse-grained river sand, not forgetting that the growth point on the sockets should be open. This will help protect landings from slugs, centipedes, snails that carry aphids and diseases.
After planting, water the sockets by sprinkling. Proper planting will help the bush to form before the onset of sustainable frosts. Next year you will get your first good harvest.
Follow the landing technique. The distance between the bushes should be 15 cm, between rows 60 cm.After the first harvest, thin out at a distance of 30 cm in rows.
Care is systematic sprinkling, removing the first flower stalks, so that they do not drain the bush and do not inhibit the growth of the plant.
At the end of August, soil the soil to a depth of 5 cm, add a layer of peat or sawdust. When the first snow appears, powder the landings and lightly tamp.
In the spring, re-loosen, apply complex mineral fertilizers. As soon as the young leaves begin to grow, remove all the old dried ones. With the beginning of the appearance of the ovaries, gurgle the beds with peat. This will help protectstrawberriesfrom the appearance of gray rot. The second mulching spend late fall.
After the third year of fruiting, remove all bushes, apply fertilizer, carefully dig a bed and plant new outlets.

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