Hot Stands

Beautiful wooden coasters for hot can be an excellent gift for any holiday. These handmade objects will decorate any table and will surely attract everyone’s attention. To make original stands is not difficult at all, just make a little effort. Before starting to work, you need to prepare: - six wooden blanks (they can be cut from plywood yourself or purchased in a specialized store); - watercolor; - pencil; - acrylic lacquer; - brush with synthetic pile №3 (for coloring); - round brush with synthetic pile (for varnishing),- eraser; - device for burning; - container with water. Having prepared everything you need, you can do giving stands:  materials and tools
1. On the first workpiece, draw a dahlia and curb along the edges with a pencil;  paint a dahlia with a pencil 2.On the second workpiece, draw a border and draw a rosehip flower; nachertite-bordyur.jpg "alt =" draw a border "title =" draw a border "> 3. On the third stand, draw strawberries, daisies and a curb;
 draw with karkndash
4. On the fourth blank draw raspberries and curb;
 draw with karndashem
5. On the fifth stand, draw a sprig of mountain ash, lingonberry and a curb;
 draw with karndashem
6. On the sixth blank, draw a dog rose and a border;
 draw carkindash
7. Turn on the burner and wait for the tip to heat up. Then gently burn out the contours of the dahlia and curb on the first workpiece;  Burn 8. Burn out all the other coasters, carefully tracing the pencil contours with the tip of the burner. Then turn off the device and erase all pencil lines with an eraser;
9. Prepare watercolors for work, slightly moisten them with water.Then paint the stand, which depicts a wild rose. To make the color more saturated, apply several layers of paint on the flower petals. Border paint with light brown paint;
 Paint the blank
10. Color the second stand, which depicts strawberry and chamomile berries. On the leaves, combine the green and yellow dye to achieve a smooth color transition;  Paint the blank 11. Paint the workpiece with dahlias. The ends of the petals of the flower paint over with white paint, and their main part - pink;  Paint the blank 12. Then paint the workpiece on which the sprig of ashberry and cowberry is burned; 1648-pokraste-zagotovku.jpg "alt =" Paint the workpiece "title =" Paint the workpiece "> 13. Color the stand on which raspberries are burned;  Paint the blank 14. Color the workpiece on which the rose hips are burned;
 Paint the blank
15. Wait until the coasters are completely dry.Then apply a varnish coat with a brush;
 Apply varnish
16. Leave the blanks to dry for several hours until the varnish is completely transparent.
 Apply varnish
Beautiful coasters with flowers and berries are fully prepared.

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