Home video shugaring (sugar hair removal)

Home Shugaring

Homemade shugaring video example of cooking and applying paste for shugaring (sugar epilation).

You can make shugaring yourself at home, at the same time the technology is quite simple and you do not need to have any special knowledge. Your attention is given to unique recipes for home shugaring, as well as everything about shugaring in the bikini and sugar epilation zones, which can be easily carried out at home. Below will beshugaring paste recipe(sugar hair removal), it is simple in principle, but it is on sale and already finishedsugar paste for saleit is possible even through the Internet with home delivery.


To date, there are quite a few different ways to remove unwanted hairs from the body. It is also necessary to clearly distinguish the difference between depilation and epilation.During the depilation procedure, only the upper part of the hairs, which is located above the skin, is removed, and during epilation, the hair is removed completely, that is, with the root.


Sugaring is also calledsugar epilationandepilation with sugar paste, that is, it is a unique kind of removal of unwanted hair using a special sugar mixture. This is a very effective method that is compared with wax epilation. But unlike waxing hair removal, shugaring is much easier to do at home, and you also need to spend significantly less money. That is why this procedure today is so popular among modern girls. Among the advantages of shugaring is the fact that it has practically no contraindications, except for an allergy to water and sugar, but this phenomenon is much less common. In addition, after carrying out this procedure, you should not worry that the ingrown hairs can appear, it is almost impossible to injure the skin. At first it will be slightly painful, but over time you will get used to this procedure and the pain will not be so strong.


How to make shugaring yourself at home.



First you need to conduct special training. For example, if you are going to remove long hairs in the bikini area, then first they need to be slightly trimmed and slightly shortened, since the sugar mixture for shugaring quite badly removes very long hairs.


Shugaring at home pasta cooking recipe:


To make such a pasta at home, you need to take the following ingredients - sugar (10 tablespoons), clean water (one table spoon), fresh lemon juice (to make a mixture it will be enough to take the juice of one half of the lemon). The video below shows an example of preparation and paste application in large volumes. Is on sale already andready-made sugar paste for shugaring, buyit can be via the Internet.


Do not use too much water, since in this case you will prepare a very liquid mixture for shugaring, the benefit of which will not be, since with its help it will simply not be possible to remove unwanted hairs. If you used to make lollipops yourself at home, then you are almost familiar with the technology of making a sugar mixture.


The sugar mixture for the home shugaring procedure is prepared using the following technology - take all the necessary components and place in one saucepan, after which it should be put on a very small fire. Wait until the mixture comes to a boil, do not forget to stir the sugar mixture constantly. To prepare this tool, you need to be patient and don’t hurry and add fire, as you can ruin everything and have to start all over again.


At first, the sugar mixture will become completely transparent, but do not be distracted, since sugar can quickly burn. After a few minutes, the sugar mixture begins to darken and smell very tasty. After the mixture reaches a similar consistency, boil the mixture for six minutes and remove from heat. Wait for the sugar mixture to cool slightly. Now take a small amount of sugar mixture (carefully, so as not to burn yourself) and roll on your fingers, if you can roll the ball, then the mixture is ready, but if it starts to spread, then you have added a lot of water.


Now you can proceed to the epilation procedure itself - take a small amount of the finished sugar mixture and apply it on the hairs (heading for hair growth),Then let it cool and tear in the direction against the growth of hair. To keep the mixture cool before its time it is necessary to put it in a container with warm water.

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