History bangs: 100 years for 3 minutes

Wear a bang or not to wear? Here is the eternal question that the video from Allure US will help answer. Short and long, fluffy and milled ... And it all began in the 20s of the last century with a Dutch Boy with a straight, thick and short bangs above the eyebrows. Then the bangs grew back a bit, they began to curl and comb it to the side, which gave the image childish naivety. In the 50s, short naughty bangs seized power, like Audrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday”. Well, in the 80s it was impossible to do without the fleece fixed by a whole ton of hairspray (and we are not yet ready to repeat this beauty trend!). And in the 2000s, I conquered an image with a thick and long bang below the eyebrows, like Zoe Deschanel or Kate Moss ...

And if after watching the video you decide to experiment - go for it! After all, bangs have always been and remain a means of self-expression. The main thing - to choose the one that is right for you.

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