Hexagonal Gift Box

Hexagonal gift boxis a large gift wrap in the shape of a hexagonal tube, a great option to give a large number of small gifts to one person.

Materials and tools:

  1. 6 sheets of A4 paper;
  2. pattern;
  3. scissors and clerical knife
  4. glue;
  5. Jewelry of your choice.

Step 1

Print or draw on the paper inner boxes, cut, fold and glue - you need 4 of these boxes.

Step 2

Then from the paper of a different color we make the outer part of the gift wrapping (see pattern) and the lid. We transfer the pattern to paper, fold, and glue the cover.

Step 3

When all the elements are ready, let's proceed to the assembly. Glue the boxes to the wrapper, the diagram shows the places for gluing. Then we decorate the gift wrapping.

Hexagonal gift boxis ready. Put the gifts in boxes, close the wrapper, put on the cover and tie with a beautiful ribbon.

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