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Ham and Potato Cakes

Apr 7, 2010

It's too bad Earth Day is still a couple weeks away, because it feels as though I've done nothing but reduce/reuse/recycle while preparing dinner this week. We had a big Easter meal on Sunday, and ever since we've eaten something from that meal every time we sit down at the table. It's not necessarily awesome, I have to be honest, because ham does get kind of boring after a while. However, I think I've successfully morphed it into some different things, so it doesn't feel like we're eating the same meal over and over again.

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Last night our leftovers featured in this side dish alongside some fresh fish that I baked with salt, pepper, lemon juice and thyme. For the patties, I mixed our leftover mashed potatoes with some diced ham and shredded Cheddar. Using my 2-tablespoon scoop, I portioned out patties then flattened them. I dipped them in beaten egg, then covered them with seasoned bread crumbs. Then I let them chill for 15 or 20 minutes.

When it was time to cook, I heated a couple tablespoons canola oil in a nonstick skillet. I browned them on two sides, about 5 minutes each side, and served them with fish and vegetables.

I think these would be a good vehicle for lots of different kinds of leftovers: cooked spinach and chicken, bacon with scallions and cheese, ground meat.

Video: Potato Patties with Ham and Cheese by Cooking with Manuela

Ham and Potato Cakes
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Ham and Potato Cakes images

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Watch Ham and Potato Cakes video

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