Hairstyles that are not afraid to wear in bad weather

Wet hair effect

Many stylists recognize that there is nothing more attractive and sexy than wet hair in the summer season. And why, in fact, only in the summer? In the autumn, when rain drops or snowflakes fall from the sky, the “wet” hairstyle remains just as relevant. Moreover, for its creation requires very little effort, for example, the use of serum-gloss before laying. In this case, it is important to know the measure and not to overdo it, because the effect of wet hair from the effect of dirty hair separates only one step.

Bulk bundle

For those who do not like to pull their hair in the wind, there is a great option - to collect them in a high neat bunch. It is very easy to make, but it is best to use a special roller. To create a beam, you need to tie a high tail and put on a roller over the elastic band. The strand behind the strand gently tucks under the barrette and is fixed with pins.Thanks to the roller, the effect of hair density is achieved and the hairstyle looks very elegant.

Long hair bow

An alternative to the traditional beam - the original bow, created from its own strands. This hairstyle looks very impressive, and the way to create it is extremely simple. Need to collect hair in a high tail, leaving a loop. Then the loop is divided into two halves, which are fixed by stealth on opposite sides. The remaining tail rises to the top and is slaughtered invisible to completely imitate the bow.


Weaving braids - another excellent option for hairstyles for the weather. French braids, fishtail, various spikelets, African braids and much, much more.

Hair protection

If you still need to make a complex and less stable hairstyle, it is important to know a few tricks that will help keep it.

  • After styling, allow the hair to cool, otherwise the hair will instantly lose its shape.

  • You can not go out with wet curls.

  • To preserve the volume of hair, it is advisable to wear hats no sooner than after 2 hours after styling.

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