Greenery - fashionable color of the 2017-2018 year in the interior

It is no secret to anyone that the rhythm of modern life, in particular, in a large metropolis gives people an irresistible desire and burden to something extremely simple, lively, natural and calm. We increasingly want to pacify, recuperate, a certain update - a complete reboot of both physical and mental condition.

World psychologists say that green is the color that is most likely to cause people to feel calm and balanced. Green color is associated with nature, relaxes and soothes the psyche, and even normalizes pressure!

The Pantone Institute announced the color of 2017-2018 year Greenery - a shade of just-blown leaflets, a symbol of fresh start and bright expectations.

So what is the color of the year PANTONE? The choice of a particular shade by the company Pantone for many years of tradition is not accidental. In its choice, the holding is always based on the condition of people all over the world. In essence, each color is a symbol, a snapshot of everything that happens in the world, in culture, in society,expressing a general mood and attitude.

The combination of green with other colors

Greenery is a fresh and piquant yellowish green hue that instantly carries away into the tenderness and serenity of the first days of spring, when nature just wakes up, reborn, regenerates and renews. Just as the first leaves bloom, like covered with a green field and plain, Greenery encourages us to take a deep breath, sate the lungs with oxygen and breathe new happy life into ourselves.

Greenery leaves

The combination of green and dark gray in the interior

With the grineri it's very cool to work in the interior and, moreover, it's easy to literally change the space: arrange a few decorative accents, for example, adding to your living room or bedroom pillows, curtains, some textiles in this shade. With this you instantly "refresh" the interior.

Green furniture emphasizes natural materials.

Green kitchen interior

Greenery year color as rhyming element

For dining, the color fits no worse, but be careful, green causes appetite. It is best to use it in small elements of decor and textiles (curtains, chairs, table setting).

Recreation area

Green living room interior

Greenery color for the bedroom

The bedroom is one of those areas where the color will look quite organic. And it is better if this shade will be presented in the form of accents. For example, you can decorate bedroom textiles or furniture fronts in this tone, sometimes it is enough to paint only one wall of a room.

Green walls

Green Upholstery upholstery

Velvet and velor - very relevant materials, creating a sense of depth of the interior.

Velvet surrounded by emerald green - harmony of material and color

Color at different levels

Beige and green interior of the nursery

Combination of blue and green

Color Greenery for the nursery - a versatile option. It relieves emotional stress and promotes mental activity. It must be combined with other colors: in large volumes it can overload the room.

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