Great snacks, simple, beautiful and satisfying.

Do you have guests on your doorstep, or are you already languishing in anticipation of a festive dinner? Serve them beautiful and ingeniously made snacks, so as not to miss. No, of course, all these products can be served separately, simply by cutting and laying on a plate, but believe me, you will not spend more time on cooking, but enthusiasm, discussion and praise - you will get a lot.

Rolls - our everything!

It is very convenient if you have pita bread - you can wrap almost anything in it and it will be beautiful and tasty. Here is a roll with soft cheese and cucumber

Here is a roll with red fish, soft cheese and greens

These are already completely inventive rolls - with fish, with ham, with vegetables. All that your heart desires, the main thing is to smear with soft cheese in order to hold on, put anything on top, wrap, cut, serve

No pita bread? Well, never mind. Sausage slices, soft cheese and a toothpick (skewer) - beauty!

Here you can not bother at all - sausage cucumber, cheese, but it's beautiful, right?

With pickled cucumber

With sweet pepper or whatever your heart desires

And no sausages? Well cut vegetables, add cheese or unsweetened cottage cheese with spices and now the snack is ready.

If anyone wants to get stuck stronger - I give the recipe for a snack roll. Believe it is very tasty!

Three in a bowl of 200 grams of hard cheese, 200 grams of crab sticks, add 5 eggs, 150 grams of mayonnaise, 5 tablespoons of flour, a drop of milk to make the consistency of thick sour cream. Put a roasting sleeve on the counter (cut it so that it hangs over the edges), brush with vegetable oil - pour the mixture on it and put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes (watch, cook very quickly, blow bubbles on top, reach out). While the base is being made, turn on the fantasy - you can put anything in there - cheese chopped with garlic, minced meat with greens, boiled eggs, olives, etc. Get your weight out, put the "putty" on top and roll the roll. Leave to cool. If you put the mince, put in the oven for another 10 minutes.

That is what happens. Add more greens and a lot of garlic to the processed cheese curds - smear the base with this - a world snack!

Herring, where is it without it? And you can make out very beautiful

I strongly advise cheese balls - this is room for imagination - balls with fish, meat, and greens. The main basis is ground melted cheeses with garlic - inside anything, sprinkling - everything from paprika to nuts

It would be nice to have tartlets at home - also pleasant to the eye and tasty - inside, again, what your heart desires. They took, for example, a jar of fish in oil, mixed with greens, boiled egg, garlic and spices, laid out in tartlets - that's it!

No tartlets? Are there any chips? Put on the biggest chips every mix - curds with garlic, vegetables with greens and cheese, etc.

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