Good day St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day in our country is not as strong as the New Year. And in vain, because this is a very good and kind holiday, which all believers in miracles should celebrate. We will be happy to tell you how the tradition began to celebrate Nicholas Day, what it is customary to give on this day and why it is important not to forget about this holiday.

The more good holidays we have in our lives, the happier we will be. Therefore, we want your family to have a tradition to celebrate the feast of Nicholas.

On the nineteenth of December every year the Orthodox of the whole world are united by a great holiday - the Day of the Holy Wonderworker. This holiday has a long history, our ancestors began to celebrate it a long time ago.

History of

Every event in this world has its own legend of appearance. Many centuries ago, in faraway Asia, in a small town of the World, a young man lived. His name was Nikolai. This boy had a wonderful childhood, his parents were rich and kind, therefore he was always surrounded by care, love and wealth.

But, one day a misfortune happened.His parents died, and he was left alone in this world. Nikolai did not lose faith in goodness, and then one day he heard the news. It talked about the fact that a beautiful girl could not marry her beloved, since she did not have money for her dowry.

At that moment, Nikolai realized that he has wealth that does not bring him happiness, and around him people suffer who do not have money for basic things. That same night he went to the house of the poor girl and left a bag of gold coins beside her bed. When she woke up, she did not believe her eyes and told everyone that this angel came to her from heaven.

Then Nicholas realized that there was no greater pleasure than making people happy. Every now and then in his city miracles appeared. At night, he penetrated the small houses of the poor, and left them food, medicine, and soft toys.

He managed to remain unrecognized for a long time, but still, he did not manage to hide from people one night. When the population of the city saw their angel, they immediately decided to elect him as bishop.

Even after death, Nicholas did not stop bringing good to people. People who came to his grave recovered.The little children believed that if they behaved well, Saint Nicholas would definitely come to them. Since then, our children have not lost faith in the miracles of St. Nicholas.

Traditions and gifts

By tradition, on the night of December 18th to 19th, Nikolai visits our homes, especially those in which the little ones live, and leaves them nice gifts.

Adults also need to believe in a miracle, so their Nicholas does not leave without attention. If you ask for the most cherished desire before going to sleep, then the Holy One will necessarily realize it.

Remembering the glorious deeds of St. Nicholas, people try to be at least a little like him, so it is customary on the eve of the holiday to pay all the debts and forgive each other.

This is a great opportunity to get your child to believe that miracles can happen. And it does not matter that you will act as a wizard. The main thing is faith in a miracle.

In order for your child to look forward to Nicholas, it is necessary to prepare for the holiday. A couple of weeks before December 19, tell the child the legend of Nicholas and say that he fulfills all the desires of the children.

In order for your child to have more positive emotions, we advise you to prepare a letter from Nicholas.To do this, prepare a beautiful special paper and expensive pen, it is desirable that she wrote in ink. And now write pleasant words.

Praise the child for his progress in school, for the fact that he always helps the elders and shares toys with other children. You can write a little criticism in the letter, but emphasize that the child deserves a good gift for his actions. Now it is possible to roll the letter beautifully in the form of a scroll, tie it up with a red ribbon and put it discreetly next to the baby. Let him wake up and see that he has not been forgotten.

No holiday should be held without a present. Only they should symbolize good. An excellent option would be sweets: gingerbread, candy, gingerbread. It is better to give soft toys: bunnies, bear cubs, piglets. Soldiers and monsters are better to give the child another time.

Paints or plasticine will be a wonderful gift if the child is interested in creativity. Well, a little sports fan will definitely like the new kimono.

St. Nicholas Day is at the beginning of winter, so you can give children useful gifts: mittens, socks, hats. Just do not forget to hide them in candy.

It is very important that little children believe in miracles as long as possible. It will make them happier in life.

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