Girl upbringing

Svetlana Rumyantseva

Personally, I always thought that raising a girl is much easier than raising a boy. Still, I'm a girl too. Well, or was once. In any case, I remember how it was, I remember many of the most important points that I will consider when raising my girl ...

In raising a daughter, it is important to know that there are 2 lines - one fundamental and one additional, or special. The fundamental line of upbringing is essentially a basic set of educational principles used to raise a child of any gender. A special branch is only a set of methods for raising a baby, but not a baby. So, about each admission in order.
Girl upbringing

Girl health

In society, there is an opinion that a girl is such a little princess, a fairy in a pink pack, which must be protected from all winds and losses in all possible ways.

For a boy, such a strategy does not usually apply. Obviously, you need to protect your child in any way we can, but, as in everything, you need to know the extent. In particular, the habit of wrapping a child even in the very heat in 3 scarves and 5 blouses.With the boys at the beginning the same story, but with the girls this lasts much longer - up to the school itself, and what's there to hide - and during schooling.

What does hardening include? Try not to dress a baby like cabbage! Dress yourself (or think about how you would dress) and dress your child in the same way. And you do not need to tie a scarf around the neck of the child as if you want to choke him: the daughter will not forgive you for this.

In addition to this - a contrast shower. Try to build a procedure for taking such a shower as a game, for example:

turn on the warm water and water the baby with the words: "It's a warm, warm summer, the sun is warm ..." (and so on, show your imagination for the memories of a warm summer)
beforehand stipulating that after the summer comes autumn with a cold rain, switch the shower to slightly cold water and tell us a little story about the cold rain, for which, for example, the hedgehog and the cubs in the forest could have fallen.
Over time, you can make the contrast a little more, be sure to ask the baby if it is not too cold. Girls, of course, can be capricious, and even with a minimal difference in dramatization, be guided by their feelings.But in any case, such a game in conjunction with a contrast shower will help your girl to harden and at the same time you have fun together.

Girl upbringing

Another important part of hardening is a lot of movement! This is important for both girls and boys. But for some reason it is believed that if the boy reached into a tree, tore off his knee, ran further, fell 100 meters and ran further to play - this is normal, the boy grows. But God forbid this to happen to the girl. You do not need to bring up a girl from the girl and advise her to go the same way with her broken knees. There are plenty of other ways to bring movement into the life of your daughter. There are many sections - from the most feminine (rhythmic gymnastics, ballet) to more than boys (aikido, karate, etc.). Choose the one that is closer to you or where she herself wants to go. Do not be afraid to change sections, at the beginning of their lives, children are extremely not constant in their desires. The main thing is that the child does not sit at home all the time.

If the sections do not work out, or it is costly in financial terms, you can choose the easiest and cheapest method - go with the child to the yard. Girls, unlike boys, are not so active in communicating with new guys, although everything is quite individual.Your task is to encourage your daughter with good words, if she goes to get acquainted with girls and boys, and if you see that she is bored and shy, support her with kind words and tell me how she can easily come up and get to know the guys.

Why do I like this option even more than sections? Because it involves finding the girl on the street.

You can also initially prefer this section, which involves finding children in the fresh air: in winter, skiing, figure skating, or snowboard fashionable now, and in summer - volleyball, football and similar team sports, cycling, running, etc.

The last thing I want to focus your attention on in a series of tips about body health is not to forget about the health of the spirit, namely, what company does your little daughter communicate with. In sections it is important which trainer, how he speaks and treats children. Try to observe him (or her) and intuitively understand whether this is a good person and whether such an impact is beneficial to your girl. Rate children who go to the section or with whom the daughter communicates in the yard, and if possible, protect them from communication with rude and poorly educated children.

Neatness for girls

Cleanliness for the girl - a very important quality.

Teach a daughter with a more conscious age to three fundamental things - make a bed, comb her hair, put on clothes. This base for a little girl of 3 or 4 years is more than enough. The main advice that can be given to comply with these rules is your own example: if you haven’t removed the bed in the morning, you haven’t combed your hair or dressed at least home clothes, do not expect your girl to behave differently. It will read all your actions. As a result, a mess on the bed will lead to a mess in life, and a mess on the head will lead to a mess in the head.

Economic management in the upbringing of a girl

As with accuracy, with business management the best example is your example. Have you decided to make homemade pancakes on a day off? Do not send the girl away to play with dolls, call the little mistress into the kitchen and learn to cook pancakes. Turn this activity into a game, so that later when the word “cooking” the girl has pleasant thoughts. Prepare yourself for such a game yourself - morally: remember that these are the first (or second, third) pancakes in the life of your baby, and she has not yet mastered the skills that you possess perfectly.Help her become a good housewife, because it will be so important for a girl when she grows up.

Housekeeping echoes accuracy: in addition to the three basic things mentioned above, it is important to instill a girl's love of cleanliness. And here everything is also quite banal: your daughter will do everything for a carbon copy - if you wash the floor once a month, be sure that she will do the same as your mother.

Girl upbringing

It is important that your husband, her dad, in this matter do not stand aside and also helped bring up the girl. Only dad should have a different approach. Strange as it may seem, but mom should show a tighter stance on tidiness and cleanliness than dad. Let papa be those to whom at the moment of sadness and caprice a girl will be able to come running and cry a little. This does not mean that dad will be an angel in the eyes of his daughter, and you are a living demon. This can only happen if the pope will verbally or non-verbally indulge this thought of the baby. It is important that the father showed gentleness, regretted his daughter if he did not want to get out, but also explained to his daughter that his mother was right, that he needed to obey his mother and get out. Ideally, if the daddy will help her daughter in such difficult moments for her: then,that for us may seem arrogance, capriciousness on the part of the girl, for her can be a real problem and insult.

Beauty in raising girls

We talked about beauty around, and about a healthy body. But it is equally important to teach a girl to appreciate her beauty. From early childhood, tell your baby that she is beautiful. This is important, because even before adolescence a girl may appear complexes with respect to her appearance (if, for example, in kindergarten or school there are coquettish girls, always well-dressed and self-confident, as they say, not over the years). Such complexes can eventually grow and turn into low self-esteem during adolescence.

The main thing in this business is not to overdo it so that the girl does not turn into an evil queen from the fairy tale about Snow White and 7 gnomes, and constantly admired her reflection in the mirror. Focus attention not only on the beauty of the girl, but also on the beauty around. Instill a love of painting, music and other forms of creativity, so that the child can appreciate not only the beauty of the external, but also internal.

Little princesses, watching mother, often also want to make up their lips with the same bright lipstick, nails - with the same bright varnish.

But be sure to promise to make up your daughter on some important occasion, for example, on her birthday or on March 8 (or any other holiday) and keep her promise. Your girl will be happy. But, most likely, "appreciate" and the time spent on washing the varnish and shadows.

Girl - leader

The question of the power of the girls is still open: many people are trying to grow a flirt from a girl, an extremely feminine person who can only stand behind her man. Not all parents think about the inner strength of the girl herself. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to cultivate the inner strength, confidence and strength of character in a girl.

Girl upbringing

Here are some rules to follow to raise a strong daughter:

Their interests - “yes”, whims and tantrums - “no”.
If a girl knows what she wants, she will always be able to achieve the goal and get exactly what she needs. When she is not strong in spirit, not confident in her abilities, she “stomps her foot”, is naughty and demands something impossible, or declares that she likes it, and she does not want it.
Do not indulge girls' whims constantly, try to explain to her more often, as an adult, why you can not implement one or another of her requests.Over time, the daughter herself will understand that she really needs, and that - no more than a children's caprice.
I'm not a crybaby.
Crying and not thinking that it is embarrassing is an important rule not only for girls, but also for boys. It is important to explain to the girl that crying is normal and useful. If you are sad and want to cry, then it is worth doing. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the child crying alone, sometimes, on the contrary, you need to sympathize with and even participate.
What is really important is not to indulge in whims, when tears are squeezed out in order to achieve some goal, like buying ice cream or a new toy. Or if a girl plays total helplessness, and no one and nothing in this world can help her. It also helps the conversation, where you explain to her as an adult, that such methods do not work.

Good girl

Girl upbringing

The clever man in the understanding of many is that girl who always listens to adults and does not interfere once again. Such an image of girls, personally, scares me, it’s rather not a clever one, but a frightened animal. The good girl will be able to achieve the goal with intelligence and ingenuity, and soon with female cunning. No need to indulge the stereotype that the winner will be the girl who will build up a nice fool in front of men - this is not the best strategy of behavior. Rather, this behavior will leave her sideways.

Encourage your clever man to crave for knowledge, the desire to be a strong and confident person, the love of beauty in everything and cleanliness, and a happy woman will grow out of your girl.

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